GameStop Sells Rogue Trooper For $2,350 (RunDLC)

Normally, we don't cover PC games, but this is too amusing to pass up. For whatever reason (glitch, prank), GameStop sells a digital copy of Rogue Trooper for $2,350.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Buff10442899d ago

You can't even trade in games for it. What would that be? 79 copies of Halo Reach?

tacosRcool2899d ago

more like a 100 since gamestop will rip you off and then sell them for $55 each

UnSelf2899d ago

that price sounds about right

Buff10442899d ago

Was this game any good? Always wanted to pick it up on the cheap....but this is ridiculous. I wonder if the transaction would go thru!

SpoonyRedMage2899d ago

There's a Wii version out and it goes for significantly less than that.:P

Buff10442899d ago

Ah yes....the Wii version is def more my speed. hahaha

seinfan2899d ago

They're leaving it up there because there's bound to be somebody stupid enough to buy it without thinking it's a mistake.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

That was a good game in 2006.

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The story is too old to be commented.