GameSpot: GC '07: WorldShift First Look and 52 New Images

A huge ominous object hangs over the earth of the 21st century, emitting a strange cosmic plague into space. Without warning, the massive asteroid, known simply as "Shard Zero" crash lands into the planet, effectively ending human civilization. Thousands of years later, humans have split into two distinct factions, one who lives in huge futuristic cities and the tribal remnants of civilization's past. In addition, a third faction enters the fray, an alien race for whom Shard Zero could potentially be the savior of their civilization. Such is the backdrop for Black Sea Sudios' upcoming sci-fi fantasy real-time-strategy game, WorldShift, a sneak peek of which GameSpot got today in a behind-closed-doors meeting with the game's developers.

See the link below at the alternative sources for the full gallery.

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MK_Red4127d ago

The last fantasy RTS that I enjoyed was Rise Of Legends and this game actually looks a lot like that in some ways. Nice find and screens.