MS sees Windows Phone 7 'as a games console'

Microsoft has said that it views its upcoming Windows Phone 7 "as a games console" and plans to support the device with a robust launch line-up of titles.

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MrMccormo2903d ago

MS also sees Kinect "as a games console".



8-bit2903d ago

lol. Windows Phone 7 phones are as much a 'games console' as the iphone. I don't count either as one personally. They have games that are more time killers and not full out games like the DS and PSP have.

D4RkNIKON2903d ago

Yeah, I played Final Fantasy Crisis Core on the PSP and put HOURS into it, same with MGS Peace Walker. I don't do the same with my ipod touch games.

8-bit2903d ago

lol yeah. MS just doesn't understand how important buttons are.

TotalPS3Fanboy2903d ago

Doctors call that delusional insanity.

Anorexorcist2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

"That ain't for playing games. That's for texting your grandma and calling your girl"

Some mobile phone games are good, but they are just daily distractions, not real (aka hardcore) games. They are things you do when your work day is winding down and you just want to be lazy, so you hide in a bathroom stall and play a game on your phone to pass the time.

The Lazy One2903d ago

The iPhone and Android phones are just as much a games console as the PC.

In a couple years smartphones are going to be in everyone's pockets. The Iphone has almost as many phones as the nintendo DS and it's been out 2 years shorter, and android phones have more sales than iPhone and they've been out even shorter than that.

You can say what you want about smartphones, but anyone in the industry knows it's the fastest growing market for games.

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bviperz2903d ago

The way they roll. If they say a product is 'something' then automatically some folks will believe it.

xtremexx2903d ago

well maybe they think of it as something to rival the PSP

siliticx2903d ago

well, if the rumors are true, the PSP2 is an android phone, making it a direct competition. Although the PSP would run on a solid, quite known OS with 30k+ apps. While winmo7 is brand new and offers a really bad interface.

And hummm MS, when will we be able to play angry birds? See what i did there?

Blaine2903d ago

I will literally jizz my pants. It's gonna be messy...

siliticx2903d ago

Sony looking for android engineers...
Android 3.0 coming with game DRM...
PSP2 kits being sent to minis developpers

yeah, things are starting to align there.

Stealth20k2903d ago

The psp 2 has a confirmed physical medium so if anything the psp 2 will have optional touch phone features

frankymv2903d ago

So this is MS answer in the handheld space huh?

Lazy_Gamer2903d ago

Lol. Yep, we believe you MS. Just like Kinect.

Zerogamer2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Don't forget the KIN!

KillerPwned2903d ago

What the [email protected] is Kin?.................LMFAO!

kndy2903d ago

for music -> zune
apps and everything else -> ipod

end of story.

XRider2903d ago

Don't forget Xbox Live, Office and Windows.

Shaymin2903d ago

How is the Windows Phone 7 a gaming console

divideby02903d ago

because MS says its so.... cant make this stuff up..

than again.... look what MS is saying about kinect

MorganX2903d ago

Because with development tools it's supposedly very easy to port from XBLA to WP7. Only controls need recoding.

Witht he XBL integration, things could get interesting. We'll see what developers do. I don't play phone or handheld games but there are some XBLA games I would play if they extended to the phone and progress was maintained between phone and console.

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