PlayStation 3 Unites Us All Under One Dead Nation

The makers of the game are touting that it features the "smartest zombies" to ever be placed in a video game, meaning that these baddies will perform surprise attacks, drop down on your from buildings and even grab at you through fences. On top of that we're supposed to be getting the most on-screen zombies in a video game to date!

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talltony2870d ago

I have never looked forward to a psn game as much as this one. It just looks so high budget even though its not.

number472870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Wasn't there a game JUST like this on PSN? Zombie something. Bought it, no support.. blah..

this does seem like a bit of an improvement over it.. but any online?

Zombie Nation.

AntoineDcoolette2870d ago

Maybe you're thinking of Zombie Apocalypse, that was from either Capcom or Konami can't remember which.

KwietStorm2870d ago

Zombie Apocalypse was arena/score based like Burn Zombie Burn. No real story, and it was basically just a survival mode over and over. Dead Nation has a campaign with varied levels and similar mechanics to Stardust.

DORMIN2870d ago

I was impressed with Dead Rising 2's supposed 1000, is Dead Nation going to be over 9000!?!?

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spunnups2870d ago

It's from HouseMarquee, the same guys that made Super Stardust HD, which was an absolute masterpiece of a game considering it was released around the PS3's launch. This game is going to be incredible. I just wish it was coming out before Halloween!!!

creamydingle2870d ago

WOW I had no interest in this game but I loved Super Stardust now that I know its made buy the same guys day 1 purchase for me thnxs.


It is suppose to be released in this month.

MachinaMaw2870d ago

So much production value for such a small game!

Can't wait to go zombie hunting.

RedDead2870d ago

Looks like that alien swarm game from a few months ago by valve except zombies instead of Spiderish aliens. I don't understand the love for it really, it looks just like every other top down Zombie horde type of game.

NiteX2870d ago

Not understanding the humor in that comment. Maybe I'm not high enough?

RedDead2870d ago

Seriously, everytime I hear about it it gets treated like the next best zombie game to come out, whereas it's just a regular top down(well side down?) Zombie shooter

ExplosionSauce2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

What's your point, other top down zombie games have been released before Valve's alien game.

Why are people liking this game? Maybe it's because it seems to be the best of all top down zombie shooters and is also being developed by the same people who made Super Stardust HD.
That's probably what's getting people's attention.

Shadow Flare2870d ago

And the beta was incredible

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avengers19782870d ago

I wanted, but when is it coming out.


In the official PS Blog, they said in this Month.

raztad2870d ago

I'm also looking forward to Dead Nation. It is gonna one of the few titles I'm buying for the rest of the year.

Housemarque is a great developer and DN looks really good.

xTruthx2870d ago

When is this coming out ?

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mr.selfdestruct2870d ago

I would prefeer a closer view. From the screenshot your so far from the action. Might be good still not sold though.

AntoineDcoolette2870d ago

Man, that looks so much more hardcore than Zombie Apocalypse.

danielle0072870d ago

Looks interesting. Depending on how it shapes up, I might invest!

I'm a zombie addict.

Jack-Pyro2870d ago

You should probably go to Zombie Rehab.

danielle0072870d ago

I'm not looking to sober up.


Tikicobra2870d ago

You know what this game needs? A grind-house style visual effect.

Also, Left 4 Dead should've had that. >_O

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