Nearly 4 hours of Medal of Honor Campaign gameplay footage posted

GM writes : Medal of Honor seems to be landing into one soup after another. But a glimspe at this and all seems forgiven.

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cyborg2900d ago

I wonder how long the campaign mode is?

cyborg2900d ago

Kane and Lynch 2 longer than that? :|

So much for being pumped up for this. N I ain't much of a online gamer.

MysticStrummer2900d ago

One review said 6-7 hours. Still pretty short.

iceman062900d ago

The streamer said it was basically about 4-5 hours. He played it on normal, but it was about that long. It was pretty engrossing and entertaining, being based on some real life conflicts and situations. But, it is pretty short. That being said the Tier 1 mode (co-op) and multiplayer should extend the life a bit.

Red_Orange_Juice2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I don't get those streamers, don't they have anything better to do?

Chubear2900d ago

For some odd reason I thought I saw better graphics from this game in the past. The graphics look great but not as hot as I once thought.

Now that I can see actual in-game SP footage of MoH, SOCOM4's graphics now look really great to me.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

"A brothers-in-arms story takes shape though the 6-7 hour experience, as you shift story perspectives between the different characters, which all link together in some way as their paths intersect."

It's 6-7 hours long.

Shackdaddy8362900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

edit. Sry

gamerdude1322900d ago

mostly because they showed the entire campaign. So damn great, huh?

JonDiskonected2900d ago

haha yeah, I was about to say the samn thing

Chucky20032900d ago

lol,that is the entire game,i have it and i'm disappointed

ElementX2900d ago

Thing about COD, BFBC, and MOH is the graphics. They look pretty dated, as though the developers use the same two engines over and over.

Pandamobile2900d ago

BFBC2 looks amazing, what are you talking about?

ElementX2900d ago

Try walking up to a wall or something, the texture is pixelated and blurry up close.

tacosRcool2900d ago

I guess the other guy is playing on a console. On DX11 they textures look amazing dude.

Pandamobile2900d ago

Oh right, I almost forgot that some people have to play the console versions :\

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