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Tim Willits is all the Rage

Critical Gamer writes: What sort of man should I expect Tim Willits, the Creative Director for Rage, to be? Perhaps a slobbish Comic Book Guy style stereotype, given his hardcore PC gaming background. Then again, he worked on the Doom and Quake games; so perhaps you would expect an aloof business type, corrupted by the astounding success of id. (PC, PS3, Rage, Tim Willits, Xbox 360)

scruffy_bear  +   1538d ago
Tim Willits is a legend, nice interview Rage is sounding better and better
Pidgeridoo  +   1538d ago
Rage is going to be awesome!
scruffy_bear  +   1538d ago
Yes it is I like the whole vehicle idea :)
IDesertFoxI  +   1538d ago
Good interview. I need to learn more about Rage tbh. I haven't been following it as much as I probably ought to have done.
scruffy_bear  +   1538d ago
Yeah a bit more from ID on Rage would be great
Jim Crikey  +   1538d ago
Give us a demo!
scruffy_bear  +   1538d ago
Hear hear
SpideyNut  +   1538d ago
Not gonna happen...
iD never does demos.
Eiffel  +   1538d ago
Doom 3 had a demo.
jarrod1981  +   1538d ago
rage looks good from the stuff that ive seen. cant wait to see what great games will be made using tech5 engine.
CrzyFooL  +   1538d ago
I met Tim's wife at PAX, TOTAL BABE. hummana hummana hummana.

Tim was cool too.
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