Review: Halo Reach by This is my joystick

James Sheppard writes a wonderful review on Halo Reach. "As I said earlier, your character can now be customised with items bought using experience earned from online play and some from offline too (although this is generally less). This, along with increasing your rank, adds another addictive element to whittling away hours of your life playing the multiplayer. Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield and games of that ilk, these enhancements (mostly armour modifications but also including voice changers and even fiery effects, for the real l33t dwds) are all superficial and provide no benefit whatsoever to gameplay."

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MrMickeal2990d ago

This is the Halo I wanted to play when I first played 3. I love the ending. Anyways great review!

infamousowner2990d ago

This is the best Halo to date. I love the online multiplayer.

tatotiburon2990d ago

REACH is so amazing and so fun to play...not like other fps that people stop playing after four months since launch

pedrof932990d ago

Your talking about ODST right ?

RankFTW2990d ago

I did enjoy the story but in the end I just felt it was more of the same and tbh I'm kinda sick of it.

xtheownerzx2990d ago

I think a lot of the games in today's age are just reusing a lot elements when they make sequels. It seems like games today are losing there sense of innovation.

clarkjudo2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

This is not a sequel. This is the untold story that started it all.

I think it is harder to become more "innovation" with games these days. Allot of ideas of great innovation has been explored. I am sure there is more to be had, but gaming technology and creative ideas with innovation is still young in this current generation. And yes, I am sure there are those who spend more time on where the money is.

infamousowner2990d ago

i found this to be a great experience and i was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I didn't feel as though it wasn't innovative just unique.

Kos-Mos2990d ago

Nintendo still innovates.