Two Worlds: IGN's First Impressions

While Mass Effect aims to sate all the needs of science fiction gamers, many RPG fans are looking for something along the lines of a more traditional, fantasy role-playing experience. Aiming to please is Two Worlds, a massive fantasy adventure now available in stores for PC and Xbox 360. IGN's full review will be available next week (hey, the game's 100+ hours long!), but IGN wouldn't want to leave you in suspense over the weekend. IGN have spent more than a dozen hours with Two Worlds and have some early impressions.

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Ahhhh4078d ago

Is this game already out?

gogators4078d ago

sound pretty bad. I hope not, this is one game I have been looking forward to for sometime now.

deadpreacher4077d ago

Yea i have and it is bad. Maybe a patch down the road can fix it up abit and make it fun. If you can wait it out alittle bit or just rent first might be wise.

Bloodmask4077d ago

but I watched the video and it looks horrible. And they were comparing this game to Oblivion during it's development cycle. Morrowwind on XBOX1 looks better than this IMO. And the framerate was better too.


i Shank u4077d ago

this sucks, i was looking foward to this game. early screens look good, oh well plenty of other games coming

bung tickler4077d ago

ill pass... hard to get sucked into a game that looks like poo... although i did like animal crossing... and that looked like poo... ehh no time for this anyways i got bioshock, halo, mass effect, assassins creed... AND a job and girlfriend...

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