Heavenly Sword gets an 4.5/5 from GamePro

The trouble is that, for all its glitz and glamour, Heavenly Sword never quite reaches the high bar set by Sony's first and primary action franchise. But what the game does--and it does it well--is offer up its own unique and satisfying take on the action genre that God of War helped redefine.

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larry0074106d ago


SEPTEMBER is a killing field for SONY and PS3

spammy_nooo4106d ago

not quite. the average consumer looks at some of the bad reviews and, believe it or not, it does sway their opinions quite a bit. it takes more good than bad to even the playing field, im afraid to say.

still though, IM gonna have a blast. glad to see HS got another good rating.

Violater4106d ago

This is why spiderman, pirates of the caribben and harry potter sell so much because of their stellar reviews
[end sarcasm]

Anyone that owns a ps3 will be picking this game up for sure.

joevfx4106d ago

i actually like spiderman 3, i have liked the whole series. i ahve beat the 3rd one and i still put it in to play and swing around the city.

ParaDise_LosT4106d ago

Where we're you when they posted the 'Bioshock isn't going to Ps3'

well anyway, back to the topic, thats awesome news for HS
the game does desrve 4-5 scores.

larry0074106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

IN EUROPE alone LAIR and HS would sell million copies.

WARHAWK got the same score as BIOSHOCK on EDGE although EDGE termed it as the best MP game of all time

I feel bad for x360 the least selling console in the whole world

PS3 has beaten x360 by 130 000 units worldwide last month

ps3 beats x360 10:1 in JAPAN and 3:1 in EU

last month 80 000 ps3s were sold in JAPAN vs just 12000 x360s

In EU 110 000 ps3s were sold vs just 40 000 x360s


in SEPTEMBER the margin will be extended to 500 000 .

RIP x360---a very low powered and a defective console with no games


shut up u gar*** box 360 BOT
go to ur x360 forum and talk all trash

arent u even ashamed that u own x360---the least selling console in the world and DEAD in both JAPAN and EUROPE

ReconHope4106d ago

he does not represent the playstation community he is nothing but blindfanboy.

DrPirate4106d ago

Thanks for clarifying that Ryu.

That statement goes double for me.

I'm a PS3 fan and not represented by other PS3 fanboys.

ReconHope4106d ago

and by the way the only system i have right now is the there,there....*Pats Larry on the back*

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gunnerforlife4106d ago

agreed i dont care if the mags give it less then 8, im still getting this game no matter what

[email protected]4106d ago

Exactly. Be ur own judge over the game.

A bubble for ya'

[email protected]4106d ago

Ohh... did you mean Nariko? *sacarm alert... kinda*

There a huge different between Noriko and Nariko.

Nariko- a girl name and the star of our game.
Noriko- a male name isn't? To me sound like a male name without a doubt.

spammy_nooo4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

you pick up a movie on dvd AFTER you see it and LIKE IT. a game is a gamble. when parents buy games for kids, they dont wanna buy a game that 'professionals' didnt like a lot of the time. the same thing happens with a lot of kids, and even adults, who buy games for themselves.

if bad reviews really didnt matter, they wouldnt be bad.

edit: whoops, i thought you meant the movies. i figured it out after i read my own post =P

still though, those are fan favorites, and HS is an unproven franchise.

WoodyWood094106d ago

Just stop talking you are making yourself look like a supreme fanboy but it is very odvious you are.

spammy_nooo4106d ago

now im pissed. i come in here saying that reviews(good or bad) have an effect on how the end user views a game before they buy it and im called a F*cking fanboy and get a bunch of disagrees. thats it.

IM BUYING THIS GAME!!!! and im gonna have a blast, like i said before. im just worried that the average consumer might be swayed by reviews!!! how is that being a fanboy?

im 100% pro HS. having said that, look at my other posts. i, in no way, act like a fanboy.

fopums4106d ago

well this is interesting.....after IGN uk and those other negetive reviews Im not sure at all what to expect with heavenly sword...except that it should be at least better than lair xD

oh well, I know firsthand Warhawk kicks ass

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