Pre-order Dead Space 2, get Dead Space Ignition free

Scrawl: "EA’s announced a special pre-order bonus for Dead Space 2 this morning. Those who pre-order the game at “participating retailers” will receive a redemption code to download Dead Space Ignition free."

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Philoctetes2812d ago

It would have been nice to tell us who counts as a "participating retailer." Apparently it's not Amazon. Oh well. I'm definitely picking this up sometime, but since it's sandwiched in between ME2 (PS3) and KZ3, it probably won't be on day one anyway.

Christopher2812d ago

It might be Takes about two to three weeks for them to update with pre-order deals.

I will be picking up Dead Space 2 day one, though. Same with ME2.

Jaces2812d ago

I preordered DS2 on the visceral website...hoping that's one of the retailers offering the redemption codes.

despair2812d ago

checked amazon the minute I read this, only way right now to know if they are one of the "participating retailers" is to hear from someone who preordered the game and if they got the code.

Troll_Police2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I'm pre ordering the PS3 version and getting Ignition AND Extraction for free.

DeathGazer2812d ago

3 games for the price of 1.

PS3 version is a no-brainer.

phantomexe2812d ago

just got mine at gamestop

Omar912812d ago

whats dead space ignition?
so we get the dead space 2, that wii edition as well, and ignition?

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The story is too old to be commented.