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OnlyTheTruth2871d ago

Looks like Rocksteady aren't clownin' around.

HeavenlySnipes2871d ago

you were wating for the next Arkham City news to use that lol.

OT: Yeah they aren't joing around.

2871d ago
gamerdude1322871d ago

Can anyone explain what's so great about Arkham Asylum? I found it boring and repetitive. I stopped playing about 5 hours in. I thought Spider-Man's good game was actually good. Sorry, but he only Batman games I like are the 8-bit incarnations (and the 16-bit incarnations of the 8-bit incarnations).

nickjkl2871d ago

it just means its not your type of game its alright

XRider2871d ago

Everyone isn't going to like every game

redDevil872871d ago

This game is gonna have some amazing views from the top of Gotham

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