TGH: Final Fantasy XIV Review (50 Hours In PC)

So just after just 7 months since Final Fantasy XIII’s release Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIV. Like with Final Fantasy XI, XIV is a MMO instead of a console game, though it is scheduled for release on PS3 next year. However how does Final Fantasy XIV compare to XI? That’s what we’re finding out.

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ndibu2809d ago

The ps3 version should just stay delayed indefinitely

sdtarm2809d ago

then it was better off without a port to the 360...

pinkyxyz2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

i would agree with you, if not for the fact that this pc version came out 6 months "BEFORE" the console version is suppose too. If they really cared about the quality this game wouldn't even be out yet, and they would of been tweaking this until march

Baka-akaB2809d ago

How could they downgrade it for console ? it was always a console oriented franchise .

Hell ffxi got more meat on ps2

MachinaMaw2809d ago

Wow 50 hours in?

That gamer must have been crying the whole time.

ReservoirDog3162809d ago

Haha, that's what I was thinking.

jneul2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

lolz no it's se laziness ffxi was never this bad and it ran on ps2 and xbox.
WKC has more content has 0 texture mapping copying, and is better as a MMO, it had massive areas for playing in, and was a PS3 exclusive, now go away

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ShadyDevil2809d ago

Love this game on the PC, i'm sure it'll be ace on the PS3 as well.

Captain Tuttle2809d ago

So apparently this game is a big turd.

NegativeCreepWA2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I'm surprised they could actually play for 50 hours, I could barley play 5 in the beta. I had a lot of hope for this game FFXI was and still is a great mmo.

Apotheosize2809d ago

I had a lot of hope for this game, but thy really dropped the ball. Not FF13 dropped the ball, but totally messed up. Luckily its an MMO, and the game can be fixed. Hopefully they do before the PS3 launch, or Im passing

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