Alan Wake: The Writer Review (RunDLC)

Barring a sudden turn of events, The Writer is the final piece of downloadable content for Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake. Although this disappoints us, at least the troubled author received a proper sendoff. This new chapter never rises above what we came to expect from the original effort, but at seven bucks, it’s a worthwhile purchase full of gorgeous scenery, a gripping narrative and plenty of action.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Stuart57562986d ago

Alan Wake is brilliant, you will be missed (I play through again in six months or so though).

Buff10442986d ago

I agree. Loved the game as a whole...def 4/ for the DLC...could have been a little better, especially for a finale, if in fact this is the finale.

Chubear2986d ago Show
360RRODFIX2986d ago

For those that have played this DLC, is it true that at the end there is hint for sequel?

Stuart57562986d ago

You're so off the mark there, alternate account replying to myself, you're sadder for suggesting the very idea of that than I would be if it were true. Saddo.

plb2986d ago

Shame Alan Wake didn't sell better. They should have put it on PC/PS3 too.

360RRODFIX2986d ago

agree, if it was on PS3 i would have bought it for sure.

logikil2986d ago

Because you don't own a 360, just curious.

Buff10442986d ago

It's one of the more unappreciated games of the year.

CantHaveOpinionsHere2986d ago

the 360 delivers a great experience yet again

360RRODFIX2986d ago

That is an opinion and you know you can't have one in here.

logikil2986d ago

I think its a fantastic game. Barry is one of the best sidekicks in a game, and the battle on the Old Gods stage was great. It's a purchase I don't regret in the least and MS would be fools not to let Remedy move forward with a sequel with their full blessing.

multipayer2986d ago

Really, it seems like the developer went through absolutely no new creative process with these DLCs. Reusing textures and telling a nonsensical plot at this point. I think I'll pass this time, but I have to buy something to get in on the spend 2400 promotion

Buff10442986d ago

You're spot on. It's good....but Remedy could have done more.

Kurisu2986d ago

I wish I had a 360 solely for this game :( I'd buy this game in a heartbeat, as when I played the first part of the game at a friends house I was hooked.

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