Killzone 3: Awesome Knife and Melee Attacks Shown in a New Video

This new Killzone 3 video shows awesome knife and melee attacks.

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Wizziokid2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Here's the video for anyone who wants it

DelbertGrady2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

If you're tired of's constant spamming of old news and youtube vids click the + to the right of the url under "Watch video" and give them your rating.

360RRODFIX2985d ago

they look like bunch of idiots with those glasses.

FiftyFourPointTwo2985d ago

Dude, youre trying way too hard with your trolling career.

Terarmzar2985d ago

and your just an idiot so stop trolling.

Red_Orange_Juice2985d ago

but so much fun they're having

mrv3212985d ago

Not stupid at all. /s

You comment looks like spam apparently.

thief2985d ago

You are late. What took you so long?

TotalPS3Fanboy2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

is just jealous of their stylist and ultra combo breaker glasses.

badz1492985d ago

"they look like bunch of idiots with those glasses" - more so than 2 guys playing on Kinect? I don't think so!

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frankymv2985d ago

now thats a man's game son.

Jack-Pyro2985d ago

You know what a real man's game is?


Nah I'm just kidding, we all know nobody on N4G exercises.

shazui1232985d ago

I do :/
and no, I don't mean chronic wrist-based exercise that is generally done in front of a computer, you dirty minded person you.

visualb2985d ago

lol. sure thing son =P sure thing =P wtv you say

Convas2985d ago

LOL, don't group all of us together sir. I pride myself on being a cut individual.

XabiTheHumble2985d ago

I play basketball and I take Kung fu so I know your not talking about me.

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solar2985d ago

console games arent "man games". good try though.

go play CS, UT or Quake to see how brutal a real FPS is. those games have learning curves today's games dont have. today's games appeal to 12 year olds and instant gratification. son.

badz1492985d ago

u sure you're not talking only about CoD? or u just hate console in general? nice trolling though

NBT912985d ago

Without a 3DTV, this game is looking like it's excactly the same game as the 2nd but with snow, and jetpacks :/

wenaldy2985d ago

How? I doubt you have ever played KZ2...

kyrosheel12985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Have YOU ever played Killzone 2? I think Killzone 2 looks better than Killzone 3 at the moment... If you don't believe me then check these out...

I think it even looks better than Uncharted 2.

EDIT: Don't doubt GG though cause they will top KZ2 in Feb.

NBT912985d ago

Afraid i'll have to give you a disagree there, as you are infact wrong... I have played and still own killzone2. It's a great game, but Killzone 3 doesn't look musch better... Just the same game but with Snow, and jetpacks.

Perhaps it's because the jump from 1 to 2 was so big, but I just am nowhere near as hyped for KZ3 as I was to finally get KZ2.
ANd I wish this game had a few more guns considering it's title... I'm getting sick of the sight of that ISA assault riffle thing.

Overal though I just think that without a 3DTV, KZ3 isn't going to be much better than 2 was. Yes I got 9 disagrees for saying that last time, and no I don't care it's my opinion and can not be proven wrong untill the game is out.

kyrosheel12985d ago

I know what you mean NBT91, like there doesn't seem to be a big enough change except for the setting, but they haven't shown us everything yet. They're still using the old gun models from Killzone 2 in these early builds of this demo. If you watch the MP trailers you will see that they fixed up the current weapons, and theyre planning on adding a few more to the game, (WASP, Minigun, Shotgun Pistol, and more). Plus since these are early builds of the demo, the graphics don't represent what the game looks like now in production or what it will look like in Feb. Im sure GG will have a fair overhaul in graphics and content when they release the game in Feb.

redsquad2984d ago

Yeah KILLZONE 2 really did look THAT good!

wsoutlaw872985d ago

i might be crazy but it didn't even look like it was in 3d..?

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