Killzone 2 - GC 2007 Firefight Cam Gameplay

Blast through enemy lines in this action-packed firefight.

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Gamer133768d ago

All i need to see now is the multiplayer in action.

IM OUT...///"""

larry0073768d ago

I feel bad for grabage box 360 with cartoon halo 3 and mass effect .

x360 being the least selling console in the world is surely dead after this


HeartlesskizZ3768d ago

why would you try a flamewar and be such a fanboy when you only got two bubbles?
yes Killzone is great, graphics now gameplay, theres not reason telling this is better then other games when the game dont need to be compare, it speaks for it self.

45421253768d ago

Nice heat effect where the bullets hits.

ALI-G3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

no need to this game coming a year from now while i will be enjoying playeing 3 countenders for game of the year in my 360 and oh i will play HL2 week befor u dream about it+2 in the WII , you keep till mid 2008 hyping this any -time i can pull gears of war out of case and play it and when this comes out i will play it we heard this brfor:
LAIR is 1080p will kill 360 =blah
HS look amazing, almost fill BR ,Will not fit in DVD9 will kill 360 =blah
same about resistance,motorstorm......

hope for the sack of 425£ i paid this one will deliver

HeartlesskizZ3768d ago

Crysis that look really good but!!!
In order to enjoy it you got to get your self an Alienware or or any other gaming pc which is not any cheaper than the ps3. that why im not going to be able to play Crysis unless they make it for the ps3

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beans3768d ago

This game is looking really good and is shaping up to be the game for PS3 next year without a doubt! I love how you can tell that there vision is coming together and there are just little things that matter they are focusing on which is interesting me!

DTClown3768d ago

Awesome blood on walls! I want to see some other levels though. Can't wait!

shysun3768d ago

Looks much better in moiton!

PS3n3603768d ago

looks realistic. sick. i like how the gun moves around a bit when walking it looks better than most other shooters. Really this game excels in the subtle things that many will choose to overlook. Very impressive stuff so far. I hope the multiplayer is kick ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.