Gran Turismo 5: Driving Options Revealed in a New Gameplay Video

This new Gran Turismo 5 video reveals the driving options in the upcoming PS3 game.

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WildArmed2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I like some things to surprise me when i get the game....
bbut this isn't one of em! :D
*goes to look @ video*

Edit: yes the driver isn't the best of the best.
but after playing the GT5 demo, I know he is hella lot better than I.

Terarmzar2985d ago

haha was at best buy playing the demo
i stood there for like an hour playing it
i honestly didn't do so good but then again i never played GT5P with a controller, i always played with G27.
Overall GT5 is a fantastic game!

40cal2985d ago

Was standing in front of a demo unit today, more yay!

Dee_912985d ago

this is nothing new :/

STONEY42985d ago

I hate Best Buy's kiosk TVs though, it's like they don't even calibrate it. I was playing GT5 there about 2 weeks ago, and the first thing I noticed was the sharpness on the TV is waaay too high and so is the contrast. Seriously, their kiosk TVs are awful.

Oh, and I love the way the Ferrari handles, and most of the other cars I drove feel different and nice. The Citroen GT though... it looks cool and all, but I suck at driving that thing, lol.

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Redempteur2985d ago

??haven't i alraedy watched this vid , before ??

Perkel2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

AGAIN gameszonede. This site should be banned along with gamethirst, HHG

Every 3 days they post old video from youtube of GT5 or GTPLANET content as theirs and they claiming it's new.

hesido2984d ago

HHG, while controversial at times, produces genuine videos and opinionated content. It is not the same thing. What gameszone is doing is not acceptable, tho.

Tr10wn2985d ago

Anyone know if the Le Man's stage have night/day cycle? that would be great.

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