Top 10 original firearms in gaming

Top 10 firearms that are more than boring old AKs and M4s

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alphakennybody2988d ago

Although Fallout 3 wasn't my kind of game, I agree that something about launching mini-nukes and seeing'em blowing-up shroom cloud made it one of this gen very cool weapons.

ExplosionSauce2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

This list disappoints. No Insomniac games weapons? -_-

thief2988d ago

yes, both the Ratchet and Resistance games had some really cool and new weapons

MrMccormo2988d ago

The guns were pretty much all from Halo and Fallout. Lame...

Downtown boogey2988d ago

Nothing from Unreal Tournament either... :(

SockMaster2988d ago

I remember had a lot of cool guns, i liked that shotgun (im not even going to attempt to spell it!) which shot out tornandoes but it took an absolute AGE to reload, the good thing is that once it was finished there was so much loot on the floor.

BiggCMan2988d ago

tanegashima. and it wasnt a shotgun by the way, just a really old war rifle of some sort that shoots a lead ball. definitely not worth all the points it cost. i wish the tornado effect would come from every shot though, then it would be worth it. also if you could move while you were reloading, it would make things better. anyways, on topic here. i dont think 10 is enough for this type of list. it would be hard to keep a list under 50 because of so many games, with so many differnt weapons. although i agree with everyone, ratchet and clank weapons need to be here, at least two.

King-Leonidas2988d ago

actually it was a rifle from the Samurai era.

SockMaster2988d ago

Just looked it up on the MGS4 wikia, and you right its well too exspensive when you you only have 1/3 chance of getting one, its still a cool gun, the look of it and when you do get that tornando its pretty cool!

DelbertGrady2988d ago

Thermobaric Rocket Launcher and Nanotech Rifle from Red Faction Guerrilla would be on my list.

bananlol2988d ago

The nanotech rifle is one of my all time favorites. other ones missing is the portal/gravity gun. I would include the Genocide Gun from EDF2017.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2988d ago

Teh Bullseye from Resistance. That terrain deformer from Fracture.

TheLastGuardian2988d ago

With all of the awesome original weapons from Resistance and Bioshock, I'm surprised neither made the list.

madjedi2988d ago

Bioshock's weapons were fairly standard, only the plamids were actually unique.

Calm Down Sunshine2988d ago

And once again the cerebral bore is left out in the cold.

RedDead2988d ago

I've never played that Turok myself but I always hear great things about that thing. It shot a parasite which jumped inside your opponants head and ummm blew the head up...right?

Games4M - Rob2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

it wasnt a parasite. The gun locked onto your targets brainwaves and then fired out a round which attached itself to the targets head and drilled out it brains before exploding.

if you have ever seen the film phantasm with the little killer orbs in it then you can see where they got the idea.

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