Two Worlds Ships on PC and Xbox 360

SouthPeak Games, from the 2007 Penny Arcade Expo, today announced that Two Worlds, the publisher's new, open-ended role-playing game for PC and the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft is now available in stores nationwide.

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Rhezin3768d ago

didn't they delay it till september? so it's out RIGHT now. Eh it don't matta anyway not gettin it.

Bloodmask3768d ago

looks like a subpar rip off of Oblivion.

ShiftyLookingCow3768d ago

and if you remember well they were boasting over Oblivion, kind of reminds you of a dev who calls competition kiddy

45421253768d ago

Nice, though I am waiting to hear some reviews before I make a purchase.

USMChardcharger3768d ago

??? scroll down a few articles and it says delayed until sept 7th. does any one check to see if these stories submitted are true before they are ok'd on ???

that is why i am always cautious before i believe a user posted article.

i love the articles in a row that say blue ray is winning then a few article later hd is on top...wii sales more...than ps3 sale 2 t 1 over wait they can't even keep 360's in store so they are dropping them out of airplanes in a neighborhood near you.

razer3768d ago

But then again N4G has never been about journalistic integrity.. It's about fanboy sissy fights while the owners of the site laugh all the way to bank in ad revenue.

It's a reason why places like NeoGAF won't allow links to this site and if it's mentioned on any real gaming site it's laughed out of the room.

kbell293768d ago

Whatever site you're talking about, they aren't reliable. Go to Target or Wal-Mart and it's in stock. Even has it available:

Darth Gamer3768d ago

I have it in my hands now. I picked it up around 1:30 today from Gamestop. Haven't had a chance to pop it in yet. My wife just went into labor. My mind is elsewhere. :)

Phlapp3767d ago

Seems like the perfect time to get some gaming in ;O)


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