Killzone 2 - GC 2007 Intro Cam Gameplay Video

A real-time look at Killzone 2's opening.

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ShAkKa4078d ago

i just put a tip of this a few minutes ago , well glad to see the video here anyway.


aww, told you the intro was also realtime, too bad

killzone owns graphics of all for years to come

this also tells you that GT5's graphics are all reatime also


ALI-G4078d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

you are trying to be cool by signing ur name after every post, typical , but that becoming silly. sign ur name 1 in every 2 to 3 but not every post


@nerd blow: gears still looking better than killzone.
i will play killzone(only for it graphic,gameplay???)
i will be playing 3 countender for game of the year in 360
i will be playing 2 countender for game of the year in the WII
I wll be watching blue-ray in my ps3
soon i will buy pc and will play crysis
so go [email protected] UR SELF

riqued4078d ago

You had nothing better to say right?KZ2 owns every game you will ever have on your 360, but don't be such an idiot.

SWORDF1SH4077d ago

i wonder why you have 1 bubble??? the guy said that the level shown takes up 2gig. if it was on the 360 how many levels would they fit onto it. its quite sad that your dissin the game b4 you even played it. basically youre a f**kin idiot

Meus Renaissance4078d ago

I'm sure even alot of 360 owners have one eye on the progress of this game. Curiosity :)

WaggleLOL4078d ago

Welcome to Xbot Hell.

Realtime KZ2 intro that looks just as good as the 05 E3 trailer complete with pausing and flying around the level. This is their worst nightmare come true. Every Xbot has been waiting around for the day they would get to gleefully post their very own 'not teh CG' threads/comments.

The lighting system is amazing and unprecedented.
The animation is insanely good.
The worlds are giant and amazingly alive and detailed.
The postprocessing alone puts the graphics a full generation ahead of anything else out there on consoles.
The innovative cover system looks like they have nailed the gameplay.
The have stated that the game will not have loading times due to their streaming tech.
The first bits of info about online play sound very cool.
The destructible environment stuff looks incredible and makes the world feel tangible and not the usual completely solid/rigid geometry in other fps games.

And to think this is just one of Sony's gigantic first party line up with MGS4, Little Big Planet, Lair, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, SOCOM, Heavenly Sword...

45421254077d ago

STOP being such a fanboy, thats the reason you only have 1 bubble.

xaphanze4078d ago

the graphics look alot better wow wohaaa
imagine how theyll look like in 8 months

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The story is too old to be commented.