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"Some promising areas in Quantum Theory have prevented us from rating it as terrible. However, this game is the type that you are going to come across in the bargain bins. It might be worth a play if you can get it for next to nothing. Sadly, this game hasn’t lived up to its expectations."

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Quagmire2927d ago

Heavily Overrated game imo


sdtarm2927d ago

:/ i actually think is totally underrated, this game is the real GoW beater


Mario182927d ago

I sold my PS3 just to buy the game. Now I'm not going to be able to play it :(

Imperator2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I honestly wonder how many copies this sold? I don't think it could have sold more than 5000.

EDIT: @Neckbear

Ouch... that must really suck for Tecmo. Then again, what the hell were they thinking!

Neckbear2927d ago

According to VGchartz (Yeah yeah, I know.) it sold a grand total of 22,411 copies.

kaveti66162927d ago

Maybe they made their money back.

It costs about 300 thousand dollars to license the UE3 for commercial purposes. And it looks like Tecmo didn't add many unique assets. This game could have cost a total of one million dollars to make.

That means that, if you do the math, Tecmo could have made back its money on the game and then some.

Neckbear2926d ago

Problem is, you can't really tell how much of the 60$ we pay for a game is profitable, nor can I.

Even so, there's a slight chance that they indeed made some kind of money back, but who knows.

We've seen alot of developers bitching about how expensive making a next-gen game is, we've seen gigant budgets for games that need to sell MILLIONS of copies to even break even- we seriously can't tell how much making a game really is- nor, as I said before, how much of a new game sale is profitable.

MachinaMaw2927d ago

I thought Final Fantasy XIV took GOTY already.

ChrisW2926d ago

Looks like JFPSs are the new thing!

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eX-GREED2927d ago



e-p-ayeaH2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I played this overrated piece of trash and its actually worse than i ever think off but then again the stupid fans of this game praise this dam thing

EDIT: Im a uber troll from now on

BannedForNineYears2927d ago

[email protected] we can say anything about this game and it would end up implying it's bad. xDDD

visualb2926d ago

its amazing. GeoW killer and every other game in the world killer play this game all day every day screw FO:NV, GT5 and any other game

Quantum Theory 2 can't come soon enough!!!


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