CryEngine 3 - New Demo Videos

New CryEngine 3 (Crysis 2) demo videos.

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Pandamobile2839d ago

Jesus Christ, even with the crappy cam footage, those reflections in the first video looks absolutely amazing.

kaveti66162839d ago

I am so tired of seeing games where there's a gun taking up 15 percent of the screen.

They can replace it with just bare hands or something that doesn't take up so much space.

Letros2839d ago

Go Eyefinity, 200% more screen space for the gun to not occupy.

NewsForMe2839d ago

Here's more Eyefinity, You laugh you go to Hell.

PirosThe4th2839d ago

The problem is with Eyefinity is the borders of the screen... when i get mine set up i will mod the monitors and remove the borders XD then it will be perfect XD

toaster2839d ago

Admittedly the only great thing about ATI that I wish nVidia has is more than two DVI/HDMI ports to do triple monitor with one card. If I want to do three monitors I would need 2 cards, which I have but that's not the point.

Cryengine 3 looks really good, like what Panda said even the footage from the cam still shows how amazing it is. I don't recall any game with refections like that so far, especially dynamic reflections from a wet surface while in-game.

Chris_TC2839d ago

For decent framerates you'll need two cards anyway, so I fail to see the problem.

Bhai2839d ago

...this does look amazing, but you know, its never real or final when it comes to PC.
-Why is the guy not playing with the stage himself? -why show a video?
-why is it still a tech demo even if the game is pretty much near completion?
-Will all this be applicable to the entire sandbox? -is it a true sandbox at all as crysis 1 was?
-Why show one tech only in one video?...

c'mon blast 'em all up together... AI + NPCs + physics + destruction + sandbox + this lighting... I'll be impressed when I see this all together as a game... not a tech-demo again :)

Pandamobile2838d ago

They're showing off their lighting and rendering technology. It's not a gameplay demo.

NewsForMe2839d ago

Very impressive even though its cam footage.

alphakennybody2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

very stunning indeed,but the guy who's presenting it is very boring. Had to mute the vid.

BannedForNineYears2839d ago

Talking in monotone is underrated.
That's how I naturally speak. :P

Hazmat132839d ago

OMFG release a demo now or i'll **** your mother with a **** then take a **** and shove it up her **** while i **** your ***** with my **** all while looking at big **** that your sister is ****!!!!!!! or just tell me a demo release date.

Bigbangbing2839d ago

'the **** is wrong with you?

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