Mario & Sonic At the Olympics Gameplay

Here is a gameplay video of Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games.

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Depressed Mode4135d ago

How is it even remotely possible that Sonic, of all characters, could lose in a race to Mario? Wth is Sega thinking.....

roadkillers4135d ago

When the character screen pops up you can see that Sonics speed is double that of Mario and Mario still wins.

Rooftrellen4134d ago

Mario wins a race with multiple jumps, how strange! Mario is a better jumper than Sonic, but Sonic is faster, so it evens out.

That and the person playing as Mario was probably just better. Heaven forbid player abilities may chance the outcome.

castdreams4135d ago

I guess the only way to make the game balanced was to downgrade all of sonic's abilities...

stunt2134135d ago

yeah they should make each character have a special ability such as sonic would be best at running and mario is at long jump or something.

spammy_nooo4135d ago

sonic would never lose to a plumber...

my herooooooooooooooo!

i might get this just to dominate mario with sonic.

just kidding, im not getting it.

ItsDubC4135d ago

Sonic can lose to Mario in a race for the same reason that Bowser can breath fire and Tails can fly... it's all fiction.

I most likely will never get this game, but Bowser running in a hurdles event looks hilarious.

Depressed Mode4135d ago

Yes that is indeed the case if you must get technical about it. However, Sonic has the name Sonic for a reason, and it's not because he is blue.

djt234135d ago

but the game look fun

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