Castlevania Lord of Shadow: Review -

With a reboot of a classic series like Castlevania you are going to have to meet some serious expectations. Fans of this series have been devout since it's NES release in 1987. Since then the game has gone in many different directions but none as anticipated as Castlevania: Lord of Shadow for PS3 and Xbox360. A truly beautiful and stunning storyline for the game's series and one that no true fan should miss out on.

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A Cupcake for Gabe2990d ago

Had this game since Wednesday but had to go away on a vacation since thurdsday. But starting tomorrow.....IM PUTTING IN SOME HOURS!

SarahFox2990d ago

lol, your avatar picture is really funny. There is nothing worse then being away from a new game. I feel for ya :)

amakusasfire2990d ago

I thought you review for this game was pretty good and honest. For me I'm going to say other than a few framerate stutters and camera issues this is by far my favorite game this year. Play it with an open mind and wait until you get to the land of vampires its insane the designs they came up with.