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MaximusPrime2868d ago

cool beans. on free online service :P

LordMarius2868d ago

its not free, its basically Netflix but for Europe

MaximusPrime2868d ago

true. i meant to say that you can access it online but login if you a paying member of LoveFilm

thereapersson2868d ago

He meant that you don't have to pay twice to access this service.

i.e. paying a fee to access the network, and then paying again for your service subscription.

WhittO2868d ago

Thats good, as soon as I get the money soon I think I'll subscribe, wonder what the extra charges are to stream films, if they are part of your monthly allowance thing lol.

Only thing is, the XMB is already cluttered with icons, now there is ANOTHER icon in the Video section, it's getting a bit unorganised.
They should put the icon in the TV section, since there is only 1 icon in the category anyway (for UK anyway).

8-bit2868d ago

"paying a fee to access the network, and then paying again for your service subscription."

You mean like paying for XBL and then paying for Netflix ontop of that? It is really lame that you have to have XBL to use Netflix on 360, if your XBL subscription expires and you still pay for Netflix it won't work on your console anymore.

PopEmUp2868d ago

"You mean like paying for XBL and then paying for Netflix ontop of that?"

Dur! :)

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PirateThom2868d ago

Video has:

BD Data Utility
Search for Media Servers
Video Editor and Uploader
PlayStation Store
[Media Servers]
[Connected media devices]
[Videos on the internal drive]

Definitely needs a clean up... the PS Store icon to start with.

Personally? I would make better use of the "TV" icon, maybe rename it and have BBC iPlayer, Netflix, LoveFilm, whatever else under that heading instead.

mrv3212868d ago

I think a google TV app would go great under TV.

I also think they could get away with putting search of media servers as the first option under media servers.

MisterAV2868d ago

disable media servers, and you remove some, and many country doesn't have the TV column at all like me, and also video store

xino2868d ago

why disable media server!?
just because you don't use it.

jizzyjones2868d ago

XMB defiantly needs tidying up (and speeding up) a lot of stuff that doesn't need to be displayed all the time.

mushroomwig2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I've disabled the media servers since I never use it so those icons don't appear for me, I agree with you needs a clean up, and I hate having the store icon there AND on the game section as well.

I love how the picture for the app looks very clean, it doesn't show any of the other icons that clutter up the Video section.

WhittO2868d ago

I use the Media server all the time so have to have it on.

The XMB is so cluttered now, if they would just organise the columns more, like for the gaming colum have all memory cards into 1 icon and then can expand into PS2/PS1 etc.

There is alot that still needs to be done to XMB but Sony seem to be slowing down in terms of features to XMB they are adding, just little extra's here and there.
I still cant believe they haven't added the option to tick off which photos/videos etc to add to an album instead of having to go in and edit EVERY SINGLE ONE to change the album name, I have over 600 photos lol.

lexington2867d ago

At least now they're starting to use the ps3 for something it's actually good at...movies..leave the games to the 360. fACT

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Christopher2868d ago

First I've heard of LoveFilm, but seems like it's the Netflix of Europe. Always good to see more options for your PS3 coming out.

8thnightvolley2868d ago

who would have thought.. finally i was wondering y sony or ms didnt bring lovefilm coz i am in europe and they are where i get majority of my game rentals and movies from.. just i can watch on my ps3 and rent games without having to move ... sweeeeettt

vhero2868d ago

PS3 gets it first just like 360 got netflix first. Seems PS3 is now ahead of the pack when it comes to these things. Then again this is Europe I don't expect MS to care too much about anything outside the US.

gamingdroid2868d ago

That is why the brits get Sky on Xbox 360!

TROLL EATER2868d ago

i have a lovefilm account. wen will this app be comin?

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CREESH2868d ago

but I rather they get Sky player on the ps3.

Galvanise_2868d ago

Thats on the way too. The deal with Microsoft was a timed one.

mcstorm2868d ago

The deal was not timed on the 360 for sky player it won't be on the ps3 as player use silverlight to stream there service and the ps3 can't do silverlight. Been wanting ms or Sony to add this service to one of there consoles for ages as I have play tv n sky player on them both but the uk was missing a film service in the UK.

Christopher2868d ago

Doesn't matter if something uses silverlight for display on the 360, since all UI elements require silverlight now. Doesn't mean it won't come to the PS3.

As someone else mentioned, Netflix on 360 uses Silverlight but on the PS3 doesn't.

theEx1Le2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I think you misunderstand, Sky player on ALL formats (i.e PC, 360 etc) use Silverlight, they dont broadcast using anything else.

Christopher2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Silverlight isn't the core code, it's a middleman. Silverlight only operates as a holder of the media type. The media can be displayed using any other method and utilizing the same core code.

Silverlight is just Microsoft's way of trying to get everyone to use their middleman implementation. It doesn't take much to implement the same core code into other middleman methods. You could distribute your media in practically any format with the same core code with some very comparatively minor modifications to the front end of the application.

It's like someone saying a Web site has always been in HTML and yet I can also publish it as tons of other file formats with some extremely simple modifications to the page (meta content-types).

IRetrouk2868d ago

galvanise is right, it was anounced that sky would eventually come to ps3 ages ago.

mcstorm2867d ago

No it was said by sky that they would like to offer sky player on the ps3 n the Wii but because they use silverlight for there service Sony n nintendo would have to enable there machines to do it. It would be good to get sky player on the ps3 as I use playtv on the ps3 through my pspgo when I'm away with work so to get sky this way would be good too. But can't wait for love film to be on the ps3 will be a good service to have.

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Pedobear Rocks2868d ago

Netflix uses Silverlight too...but guess what...its on PS3 now too....

Karum2868d ago

Don't care for Sky Player Sky+ HD Box is so much better. Hell even a regular Sky+ box is better than any form of the Sky Player be it on the 360 or your laptop.

Things like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Lovefilm, ITV Player are awesome for 360/PS3 because those are naturally hooked up to your TV and the only other way to get em is on your PC/Mac. Those kind of things to me are more desireable than the likes of Sky Player, even though the SP 360 app does work quite well indeed.

vhero2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Sky player is very possible on PS3 as for a timed deal I don't even think it was a timed deal I just don't think Sony want this service as its a rival to there own PlayTV. Which they just released a new version of.. In the future they may release a deal though..

Andy_Elvis2868d ago

There's PlayTV?

That does me well, although I too would like a sky player on ps3, hopefully Galvanise_ isn't raising my hopes up =P

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DaBadGuy2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Whussis? Porn or something? Cuz that'd be sweet.

Playstation 3.
It only does horseplay.

Ah, it's like Netflix. Damn, talk about missed opportunites.

PirateThom2868d ago

Nah, it's just a streaming/rental service.

"Netflix Europe".

siyrobbo2868d ago

with about 3% of the content to boot, and it costs more

silvacrest2868d ago

i'm sure you were probably joking but a quick google search would have yielded results

Godmars2902868d ago

Plenty of porn sites accessible from the PS3's brower.

From what I've been told...

Obama2867d ago

But while surfing you have to hold the controllers with both hands whereas with computer you can one handling the mouse. :)

Hades13372868d ago

Nice, always wanted this on consoles seeing as the US has Netflix. Hopefully it will come to the 360 also.

Godmars2902868d ago

And this is like the 3rd or 4th player app that Europe's getting?

Are_The_MaDNess2868d ago

there is still many countries that don't got a film service for the PS3 yet (like Norway)
and i did't even knew about this site, il check it out, but so far it can't beat my discount BD's