PCN Review: Enlsaved Odyssey to the West

PS3Center: "Yes, you read the title correctly. Enslaved Odyssey to the West was originally planned to be a major motion film, but ended up being a video game. With this being said we get one of the absolute best cinematic experiences games can provide, but hopeful thoughts of this idea coming true. Simply said, Enslaved as a film would dominate box office and put Avatar, The New Pocahontas Story, to shame."

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Kran2835d ago

I know its a review, but you shouldnt really incorporate old news into a review.

Soldierone2835d ago

It's not incorperating old news....its simply stating an opinion and using that to lead into why its a good game. Even IGN had a similar approach....

CantHaveOpinionsHere2834d ago

how did ninja theory get a multiplat enslave to be so damn good. Even better than exclusives. That's an incredible feat

RankFTW2834d ago

I take it you only own a 360.

Elimin82834d ago

But That game is not all that gr8. I know, I have it and regret buying it. Anywho, I am done and I am about to trade or sell it...

BillOreilly2834d ago

I love this game its one my favorite third person games ive ever playeed up there with alan wake, Mgs3, and yes as good as uncharted. This game is just beautiful and fun.