Most Annoying Game Characters

"There are a lot of characters that bug me when playing video games but I think these lot take the biscuit. This is a collection of the most annoying characters that I have come across in gaming."

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dan211uk2989d ago

What game characters annoy you?

PirateThom2989d ago

Chip in Sonic Unleashed.

lex-10202989d ago

Almost every character from FF13, but most of all Hope.

MiloGarret2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Rico in KZ2, almost ruined the game for me, I couldn't stand that guy.
And Ashley in RE4, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!

Ace_Man_62989d ago

Mori from The Ballad of Gay Tony

SeanRL2988d ago

I loved Reda! He's actually really funny at times.

dinkeldinkse2988d ago

the retard(Sheva)from RE5, Mayor MacGready, Three Dog, Moira, and Princess from FO3.

RealityCheck2988d ago

Marumaru in Blue Dragon because of his voice.

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Urmomlol2989d ago

You got some mad typos up in your article, brah.

"At least in the latest Borderlands expansion you get to murder hundreds of claptraps which defiantly makes up for it."

Time to hire a copy editor.

dan211uk2989d ago

Wow what an obvious mistake, my apologies. Usually get a few people to read through, that slipped the net.

bluebogle2989d ago

Damn, he sucked as a character.

Anon19742988d ago

I'd hang out near them sometimes just to hear what random crap they had to say, especially in the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.

"Hey, check me out! I'm dancin'! I'm dancin'!"

I loved the Clap Traps.

CrushedRose2989d ago

Ashley from mass effect....

SockMaster2989d ago

Ok this may sound baised (check the picture) but...

I actually like scooter always brings a smile to my face when he says "come in i aint gonna bite....probably" and comon he doesnt even star in the game a "huge" amount, he does have a fair share of mission time. Its a matter of taste

CL4PTR4P is actually a poor character, claptraps in general are amusing though.

STABBY STABBY! (Robolution DLC) :D

dan211uk2989d ago

I have to admit in the robolution dlc the claptraps are hilarious. I love the ones with boxing gloves. It's just the ones in the non DLC zones that annoy me.

Strange you like scooter :P

B-3122988d ago

I like them too, all of them.

Seriously there's way more annoying characters than Claptraps...

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