Killzone 2 - Hands-on

Believe the hype; Killzone 2 is the best looking game ever seen. Stunning facial animation, huge detailed environments and no loading what so ever - and the PS3 makes it look as easy as snapping a photo of Pete Doherty looking rough.

But how does it actually play? This question has gone unanswered since those naughty chaps a Guerilla swindled with CGI over a year ago - until now...

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achira3923d ago

cant wait for this fantastic game. i am sure this will sell millions of consoles alone.

drunkpandas3923d ago

Yeah this game looks like the prettiest PS3 game to date

kingboy3923d ago

Man!! reading all these 'Hands-on' previews just adds more hunger for this bad boy..My ps3 is waiting

doshey3923d ago

yep ps3 will have a title that uses all of its power

TheExecutive3923d ago

i doubt that doshey but it will set the bar for second generation games, thats for sure. The system is too early in its life cycle to be figured out to that extent.

doshey3923d ago

well that is true but it will be one game that uses a lot of the ps3 power

MikeJonesOK3923d ago

why was killzone 1 bad again?

WaggleLOL3923d ago

It wasn't.

But all the little Halo fanboys whose entire console identity is completly centered around that one very mediocre but heavily hyped and marketed game have spent the last three years in every online forum trashing the game 24/7/365 days a year.

Killzone was a fantastic game that at worst had some framerate issues. If had been on the Xbox it would have gotten 9/10 reviews.

DrPirate3923d ago

Technically, the game was broken. The engine, game emchanics, nothing came together.

The story, characters, the guns, the enemies all made for a great game, it's just that in the big picture, the whole thing is less then the sum of it's parts.

Guerrilla themselves have STATED and are aware of the critical reception it garnered and are working to make the game everything Killzone 1 wasn't.

Plus Killzone Liberation gave me hope that they have some ideas up their sleeves. It is my favorite PSP game to date.

Ri0tSquad3923d ago

but the online was awesome.

88 movement3923d ago

Killzone 1 wasn't really that bad had a few flaws but wasn't that bad the only reason people call it bad is because it had to live up t the hype that people were creating calling it a 'halo killer' before it was even out and since it didn't live up to the massive hype people were creating they called it bad. If you no wat i mean.

VirusE3923d ago

This game looks hot and it definitely has the best console graphics but to say it looks better than crysis is just wrong in my opinion. Crysis can be played at 2560 x 1600 which destorys 1080p.

beavis4play3923d ago

if you can give me a link that shows me crysis footage that has someone playing it i'll check it out. but right now killzone whips it. only thing i've seen of crysis is jungle shots. they look good,but KZ is showing a lot more. so killzone has the edge.

DrPirate3923d ago

lol 5.1

Have you ever seen the foilage in Crysis?

The leaves have transparency!!!!!!!!!! Nothing will touch Crysis for a couple of months, even if the game is terrible, it'll be the graphical staplemark of PC gaming.

achira3923d ago

i think kz2 will be better. some ppl report that they played crisys at the gc, and it has bad frame rates and was not so impressive as it should be. trailers and game play a two different things!

VirusE3923d ago

achira we are talking purely graphics not gameplay. I said it has the best graphics not its the best game. Killzone will run at 720p, crysis can be run at 2560 x 1600. 720p is 921600 pixels 2560 x 1600 is 4 million pixels do you fanboys get that 4 MILLION vs under 1 million. That is a huge difference in detail. Only a fool would think that a 600 game machine can compete with the graphics of 3k plus gaming pc with 6 times the ram (2-4 gigs system, 64 for x-fi, 768 for gtx.

comparing 2560 x 1600 to 1920 x 1080 is about the same difference in detail as 640 x 480 vs 1280 x 720. Why does sony have the dumbest fans?

MarioFromTexas3923d ago

Killzone will look better to 100 percent of sony fans than crysis will look as good to only 30 percent that have the PC that can output 2400x1600. So while I'm playing KZ2 on my 40 inch 1080p and a PC gamer playing on a 23 inch at 2400x1600...I think I'm good

tfur3923d ago

Thats a fairly high res... Maybe on a 30in monitor...

The DirectX 10 Vista only is disgusting...

VirusE3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

mario 2400 x 1600 isnt a res that wide screen monitors use. Also the smallest monitor you can get 2560 x 1200 on is 30". No one said anything about price to performance ratio, amount of people playing or any of the things you are saying. All that is simply a copout. Best graphics was what was said plain and simple. Regardless of price, popularity, amount of money need to be spent crysis has better grapics plain and simple. 4 million pixels vs under a mill is a huge difference in detail. And no your not good you didn't even get the monitor resolution or size correct.

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