Official GT5 “Racing Pods” On Sale for $9,500 in Dubai

If you’ve been watching the evolution of GT5 at various game shows and events over the past few years, you probably noticed these circular “racing pods” used to show off the game. Made of steel and glass, they’re certainly impressive looking and are now being sold to the public.

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MaximusPrime2991d ago

9500 bucks? thats nearly 6000 quids


looks really cool thou

Hideo_Kojima2991d ago

just buy a crappy second hand car and use the remaining money to pay for a second PS3 a g27 wheel a 50inch 3D TV a stand the passengers sit from my crappy car a 7.1 surround sound system...

and put everything inside the crappy car and have a much better pod which my friends can also come in and sit at the back because GT5 is so realistic it will feel like we are really driving somewhere.

captain-obvious2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

that means 35000 AED

why not buy a real car instead ?

40cal2991d ago

Thanks, that made me laugh.

If I had nine and a half G's to blow and the space for it then hell yeah I would pick this up.

pinkyxyz2991d ago

"With $2000 left to spare"

ProjectVulcan2991d ago

I won the euromillions and bought 16 of them for me and my friends to to system link :-)

I wish.

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zeddy2991d ago

naa simple ol steering wheel and peds for me.

WildArmed2991d ago

Honestly, I dont think anyone puts more heart into their work than PD does.
So this might be worth it.. if u are rich
I shall get you 10 years later!

MAG_SVER2991d ago

Yeah I might pick it up when it's in the bargain bin. By then I should be able do my 1st down payment.

Goliath-NL2991d ago
Maybe, just maybe, is this a duplicate story? hmm.. -.-'

MaximusPrime2991d ago

looks like a duplicate. whether this GTPlanet link stays, is up to N4G mods.

btw check out this cool montage of the GTPlanet logo made from GT5 screenshots.

ngecenk2991d ago

but this is just a pod right? no motor to rotate the pod, rite? so basically just a seat, pedal, steer and a big huge round metal?

Brewski0072991d ago

Sounds like a car..... but without the engine i guess lol.

DERKADER2991d ago

I think my $60 desk does the same thing. It holds my 32in Bravia and mt DFGT wheel.

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The story is too old to be commented.