Game Critics: Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year

Daniel Weissenberger, of Game Critics, explains the major shortcomings of the critically panned game Deadly Premonition, how they can be overcomed, and once these shortcomings are overcome, how Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year.

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OhReginald2961d ago


and the point of this is show...what exactly?

dgroundwater2961d ago

Great advice on their part. It makes this game so much easier on you :)

WoshJills2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

God I wish Xbox fans would actually buy original IPs instead of the same 4-5 franchises year after year.
Both Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake, great xbox exclusives, were commercial flops, but Halo 6 (Reach) makes millions in days. Such a bummer. I hope Deadly Premonition will come over to PS3 so it can receive the attention it deserves.

kancerkid2959d ago

Since the game was critically panned, I do not know why it would do better on the PS3. What are the biggest selling games on PS3? I mean really. Shooters and killers. GOW3 and Uncharted. Both have killing in abundance. I don't get the "Xbots only buy shooters" argument.