GC 07: More Halo 3 Footage of Campaign and Saved Films

Gamersyde has added additional videos of Halo 3 at GC.

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Schmitty074128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Only 31 more days!!

BenzMoney4128d ago

This game is off the hook!

Bloodmask4128d ago

Online coop is going to be really fun with 3 real people cruising around instead of having AI controlled characters

Schmitty074128d ago

I think I'll be spending 10x the amount of time on campaign/co-op than I did in Halo 2.

Moac4128d ago

Bungie you did it again!!


Halo 3 has some better graphics than i thought, and im getting it the first day,

but im a ps3 owner, i am also getting killzone 2 first day


Sangheili854128d ago

I agree!
Pictures really haven't given the game justice. I looks so much better while running even on a low quality video from a TV. The lighting is awesome also the game does seem a lot darker then the last onces. Not as much purple!

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The story is too old to be commented.