Explosive : Deus Ex : Human Revolution – Full list of Weapons revealed

Gamersmint : Eidos just revealed the full list of weapons which will be at your disposal in Deus Ex : Human Revolution. Get them with snaps for each below -

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lars2thev2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Kind a small set, but they look fenomenal

cyborg2625d ago

An admin over at Eidos forums confirmed that it is the full list according to the guy who sent these to us

Hellsvacancy2625d ago

I think there will b more, or custom weapons perhaps

cyborg2625d ago

weapons can be customised with upgrades. A lot of them actually

visualb2625d ago

since original deus ex also had quite few weapons


any word about melee weapons? Deus ex had a few, including the baton and taser or wtv it was

that'd be nice!

still, the guns look great and I cn imagine different ammo and different add ons will make them more than enough

sonicsidewinder2624d ago

I think mele weapons are a no show, which is pretty disapointing. Aparently they want to focus on the 'takedowns'.

What i don't understand is why there can't be those kind of 'takedowns' for mele weapons e.g. Police baton and Stun prod.

akiraburn2624d ago

I would be a bit disappointed if they didn't include melee weapons. In the original Deus Ex, I thoroughly loved the fact that you could play the game any way you wanted, and that melee was actually a viable means of combat. If they completely remove that in favor of the "takedowns", I believe that would be a major mistake. Not to mention, as they currently have been shown off, I think the takedowns are far too overpowered. I don't think it's a bad idea, I just would like to see it as something that can only be preformed either under very specific conditions, or through using a large amount of Bioelectric Energy. And definitely not as an entire substitute for melee. The Dragon sword mission line and the weapon itself in the original Deus Ex still stands as one of my favorites.

cb4g2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

There doesn't appear to be a viable option for a clean,silent and non-lethal takedown. The first game let you choose who to kill, especially since some of the characters turned out to be.... ooops, no spoilers for anyone who hasn't played the game.

Deus Ex allowed for almost no kills throughout the game and that itself, was an incredible challenge. My decisions in the game felt gradual and subtle, by the end it seemed to make a difference.

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Meisadragon2625d ago

weapons are good. hope there is more weapons

BakedGoods2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Day one.

TheColbertinator2625d ago

I'm sure more weapons are coming to Deus Ex HR like the Rail Gun

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