GameSpot on Killzone 2: A Treat for the Eyes & Ears

Buzz has been growing for Guerilla's upcoming Killzone 2 ever since the famous E3 2005 trailer and continuing on through the game's fantastic showing at this year's E3. Today at the 2007 Games Conference in Leipzig, Guerilla developers gave GameSpot a tour of a good chunk of the first level which was initially demoed back in July during E3. In addition, GS got our first chance to play the game and, they're happy to report, it's playing just as nice as it looks.

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MK_Red4078d ago

Killzone 2 became one of my most anticipated titles after E3 07 showing but if Gamespot is right about "it's playing just as nice as it looks." then it could be one of the best games of all time because visual are already among the best on any console and that sentence means that its gameplay is also among the best.

Coffin874078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

you also have to keep in mind that although a lot of sites (i think even ea) said that GEARS was waay to linear and not-fun gameplaywise, it had the highest scores because it looked pretty good (for that time).

so what does this tell us? killzone 2 should score higher and higher.

TheExecutive4078d ago

@Coffin87... in the preview done by IGN they said there were mulitple paths you can go by in order to reach your objective, so it may not be as linear as many think... however, it is still kinda linear.

WaggleLOL4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

"so what does this tell us? killzone 2 should score higher and higher."

Killzone 2 is going to get destroyed in reviews. The high point of this console generation for all the little Xbots at review sites like EGM/1UP/PSM and other will be to trash Killzone in reviews.

The Xbot community is seething with pent up anger and frustration after GG came out and blew the gaming world away at E3 with a game that looks just as good and better in some places, is wonderfully innovative with the cover system, runs smoothly, has huge environments, and looks like an absolute blast to play.

This game is going to be trashed without mercy by all the Xbot reviewers out there who are usually the ones who end up getting to do fps reviews.

Just think of how bad the Xbots at EGM/1Up and PSM trashed amazing games like Lair, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, the PSP Killzone...

Xbots think they can make up for the disaster Halo 3 with its last gen graphics and crappy online play with no dedicated servers and only 16 players per game has turned out to be by trashing every fps on the PS3.

ALI-G4078d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

"The AI seems to be a bit of hit and miss at this point;"

"It looks amazingly next-gen, but to play Killzone at the moment feels very similar to its PS2 predecessor"

i really hope this one will not turn to be like the rest of high profile ps3 games

@blow poster:

Staircase4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Where did you get those quotes? They aren't from this article.

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achira4078d ago

this game will destroy anything, mark my words. but i am sure mags like egm, 1up, and so on will give it a 2. they have reversed system on the ps3, lower means better.

45421254078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Killzone got 73.2% at gamerankings
Halo got 95.6%
Halo 2 got 94.6%

Staircase4078d ago

What exactly do the ratings of Killzone 1 and Halo 1 + 2 have to do with this? He said Killzone will destroy every other game, and it may if it continues to impress. Just because KZ was an OK game and Halo 1 and 2 were excellent, doesn't mean it will be the same with Killzone 2 and Halo 3.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4078d ago

for which all other FPS will be judged! :)


on any console?

you mean any platform period, killzone 2 easily has ingame cg graphics, which nothing on any platform, other than lucky supercomputer owners that have simulators that play war shooter sims are able to enjoy, this is the first time cg in realtime will be played truely, so no its not the best console offers, its the best supercomputer offers


MK_Red4078d ago

Well, I agree with it looking the best but CG graphics award goes to Gran Turismo 5 IMO. I love Killzone 2's look but Gran Turismo's graphics make me almost cry every time I see them. GT5 and Killzone 2 will be the future landmarks for graphics.

Loudninja4078d ago

I like IGN preview more it was in depth.But gamepost like it as well,Looking very good

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