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Gamefest – Gran Turismo 5 footage

M2G Writes:

A big competition took place yesterday at Gamefest. Everyone could race for a minute in a GT5 booth. Check out a new gameplay after the break. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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IRetrouk  +   1873d ago
I want this game now, not long i know but its gonna drag in sooo slow.
40cal  +   1873d ago
I know, it seems like the closer it gets the longer its taking. I guess that I want it that bad.
mcstorm  +   1873d ago
I am now starting to get sick of all the videos posted of gt5 its been going on for too many yeas not the need to stop showing videos and release the game we have all been waiting far too long for.
karl  +   1873d ago
well . my pain is being help by the fact that im getting my own car in a few weeks.. so im kinda distracted about GT5 releasing for now =
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1873d ago
I swear
there must be a hundred builds out there of this game. Every time i see it it looks and plays different.

Now why cant this guy turn, what is up with the controls here?
BenCrazy424  +   1873d ago
Didn't you see him run into the car?
SoSLy  +   1873d ago
the guy playing cant play racing games. He cant even turn properly, he cant even brake. Theres nothing wrong with the game its the the player.
Paradise Lost  +   1873d ago
Usually the people who try the game very early really have no fucking clue on how to hold a remote. Shame really.
vulcanproject  +   1873d ago
I agree about the builds thing. Its incredible how many variations must be out there loaded onto these booths. I have seen skid marks for a fact on the builds at gamescon back in august, but there doesnt appear to be any implemented here.

No damage again either. Most of the demos i have seen lack damage. I know it exists, i know its there, but im worried about how little is seen of it and hope its just been tweaked and massaged up until the day the game goes gold which has to be within a few days, if it hasnt already. Its the one thing im fretting about, its not consistantly been seen in all the footage of demo booths even though its supposed to be less than a month from release!

Im sure it'll all come together on the final disc and salivating at the thought of all the options and possiblities GT5 is sure to offer up.
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jerethdagryphon  +   1873d ago
thats the nice thing about an incrmental design system

if bugs show up in a physics test build you know where to look

same as damage or ai or whatever then once each is working correctly and debuged as much as possible

its adden to another part and tested again
debugged and add tell the entire thing is running

once each part is running bug free the only bugs come from interactiosn which can be traced :)
morkendo23  +   1873d ago
i can honestly say
it WAS not the guy fault driving.... damn controller.
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Fishy Fingers  +   1873d ago
5 years in the making, release in less than a month and it's still the same old noob driver with off-screen footage.

I just want some decent direct feed with someone driving whos got functioning eye sight.
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LordStig  +   1873d ago
If this and all the other footage is any indication of the skill of the ppl that are gonna play GT5, then that Mercedes SLS AMG is as good as mine.
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IRetrouk  +   1873d ago
well unlucky for you cause that car is gonna be mine lol
frankymv  +   1873d ago
its like graphical butter to the eyes.
Yangus  +   1873d ago
I GT fan,but no standard cars/800!!/screens and gameplay!!WHY???

Only premium cars,many screens and video!Standard NOTHING.
shazui123  +   1873d ago
There's been an official trailer dedicated only to standard cars and many official standard car pictures, you serious?
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CREESH  +   1873d ago
Damage? Wall grinding?
shazui123  +   1873d ago
Check out the TGS build to see the new real time damage
Yangus  +   1873d ago
Where Is It MANY official standard car pictures????
jmmurillo86  +   1873d ago
I played it yesterday in Gamefest
With 3D glasses and I must say I was bit disappointed. Cross plane trees and lots of wall grinding. Hope that was an old build.

Please be sensible and don't "disagree" me because they are all facts.
earbus  +   1873d ago
Reminds me of pgr3 will this game ever release.
The EDGE  +   1873d ago
this guy cant drive... this isnt an arcadey racer, you need to break before turning, love the environments and car models.
NewsForMe  +   1873d ago
Too bad they couldn't handle the aliasing. This game would be a graphical benchmark with some antialiasing and full 1080P resolution.
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LMS  +   1873d ago
needs anti aliasing, jaggies everywhere, but decent detail, trees need work...look like sims 3 trees
raztad  +   1873d ago
I dont think GT5 has any AA issues. I know there is MINIMUM 2xMSAA applied. This has to be a pretty old build. There is not even damage in place.
CrAnKiTuP_01  +   1873d ago
This game will be nitpicked to death. I can already see it. I know it'll be a FANTASTIC game, but I can already see the huge amount of nitpicking it could get.
aaron5829  +   1873d ago
why do these people who cant drive for nuts gets the experience this game first hand.. if everyone in this world drives like this in this game... i'll be the best GT player ever.. lol... but sadly, i'm no where near the top 50. LOL and i consider myself pretty decent with this game.
IRetrouk  +   1873d ago
dont forget as much as it is painfull to watch most of these players havnt used a wheel in a racing game before, even more of them have probably never drove a real car, it reminds me of when i played gt1 for the first time all those years ago lol.
xg-ei8ht  +   1873d ago
I got to ask anyone who has played at one of these booths.

When in 3rd person mode, behind the car. Is it easier to drive then prologue.

Because that was the biggest problem for alot of people that play that way, felt stiff.

I do not play that way and i'm always in cockpit view. So it always feels correct, just wondered if they've changed it.

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