PlayStation Holiday Preview 2010 - Invizimals

Dana from Gane North shares her impressions of Novarama's Invizimals, a new PSP game that uses the PSP cam. The holiday event took place on October 4th in Toronto, Canada.

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Drachaus2986d ago

I've been reading Ms. Russo's reviews for a while now, and I've always been a fan. That being said, this Invizimals preview has actually changed my view on the PSP (slightly) which is a pretty amazing feat on it's own. If I owned a PSP, (thanks to Dana's preview) I'd actually go out and pick up Invisimals.

The game itself seems like a pretty neat idea, and breathes new life in to the quite stagnant PSP market. It's at least unique and interesting game for a system that's quite lacking in that department.


alphakennybody2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

augmented reality, Sony next big thing once 3d is fully mainstream. I've always wanted pokemon and some card games (magic) to be like this.

Ilikegames762986d ago

this game is way better than any pokemon on the NDS. You can interact with the creature in this game. Try poking at that creatures and the creatures will get pissed and fight back. It's like Eyepet but more fierce and aggressive.

DOMination2985d ago

This is stupid. This game has been out for a year

Heart1lly2984d ago

In other countries, perhaps. But it isn't available in North America yet.