Nave360: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

There's something very strange about this game, which seems to have gripped many players. Enslaved is a game that not many people seem to have noticed, but most of those who did take notice have given it great feedback. Who said that all the top grossing games were the best? I'm not indicating that Enslaved is the best game out there, but it certainly is a game that deserves more than it is credited for.

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Kran2748d ago

Thanks for approvals guys. This game deserved credit :)

AKS2748d ago

I really enjoyed Enslaved. Ninja Theory needs to address persistent technical issues (still looks terrific thanks to their talented artists), but their storytelling and style are wonderful.

MaxOpower2748d ago

I don't get all these review popping up for every fucking game, if your are that interested then to metacritic or something. Reviews really should get baned from N4G.

Kran2748d ago

Its just like the people saying to get rid of the ratings system in reviews. Ratings have been around since I was born. Theres no way to get rid of them from life now.

AwesomeJizz2748d ago

You should get banned from N4G you piece of shit, acting like this is your father's site

Kran2748d ago

was that to me or to him?

AKS2748d ago

I'm sure it was intended for MaxOpower.

MaxOpower2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

piece of shit??? What, you wrote the review or something?


Well hopefully actuarial news. Buy yes, this site got some cleaning up to do.

AKS2748d ago

@ MaxOpower

I think you may be at the wrong website for that type of news. Try this one for exciting actuarial developments!

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nikoado2748d ago

What would we be left with?

Top 10 lists, Why x is better than y, Why z Fails, cosplays, sales, Bobby Kotick.

Kran2748d ago

N4G is welcome to all things gaming. It'll be boring without reviews ¬¬

Garrus_Vakarian2748d ago

This game looks great. I might just have to check it out.

BillOreilly2748d ago

just beat it today great fu**** ending! Loved every second of it.

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