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Medal of Honor - P90 Gameplay Movie (Gamespot)

A player defends a village with a P90 at multiple ranges. (Medal of Honor, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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DelbertGrady  +   1438d ago
No one beats DICE at sound design. They must've had part in this. Amazing.
DavidMacDougall  +   1438d ago
Yeah sounds good even if the p90 sounds nothing like that, thing sounds like a flak cannon plus why are the p90 shell casings coming out the side when they exit the bottom of the stock? Thought it was realistic?
finbars75  +   1438d ago
Actually you are wrong.Watch a real video on this gun.The P90 they are using over there is a modded type.Thats why it sounds like that and the casings come out of the side.In the game Its modded as well.There many type of p90s that have been modded for the type of war they are at.ButI do agree that the bullets should be coming from the bottom but its weird how the mods can make bullets come out of the side like that.
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UltraNova  +   1438d ago
A P90 despite its various mods is an ambidextrous urban/ close quarters selective fire defense rifle (there's a semi auto version as well) but its long inner barrel generates enough power for longer range outdoor skirmishing.

The bullet casings do come out from the bottom to accommodate its ambidextrous nature at the chute located close to the pistol grip. This allows the ejected casings to stay out of the shooters line of sight as in most right handed rifles which come out from the right hand side.

So I can confidently say that a mod ejecting casings from the side of a P90 would defeat its core design.

The sound of the gun is totally fake, it sounds more like an AA gun as the guy above said.

DICE should know better than this.
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jjohan35  +   1438d ago
LOL the video is demonstrating the benefits of camping, both the main player with P90 as well as the guy who sniped him.
BloodyNapkin  +   1438d ago
Just like i remember the beta, boring and full of campers. TRASH, pure TRASH. This game will work out good for the whiney MW2 players they get owned while camping. And my god that sound is messed up, why is everything echoing?
2Spock  +   1438d ago
Sorry that looks like total crap, and if they haven't fixed it since the beta it plays like crap also. That P90 sound like crap, it looks like crap, and the sound from that video was crap with all the echoing.
DarkTower805  +   1438d ago
with the accuracy and low recoil of the P90, it can be used as a sniper.
kparks  +   1438d ago
EA Does it again
EA went from one of the best company to the worst over the past couple years shoveling the same crap down to all of us.. i will not be buying this or any other EA game for a long time running a monopoly on football games how much i love Fball and all they do is update the roster and add one new feature every year there a joke!! and all u die hard people that buy madden thats your choice i mean if u love football and want to play obviously ur gonna buy it its the only dame football game!!! and dont get me started on the need for speed series... Back to the vid i gotta like the spawn kill around 1min lol
kparks  +   1438d ago
The reviews
anyone waiting one the reviews to c if they should buy it might as well go and preorder this junk game if halo reach can get a 91 on meta than this will def be in the high 80's halo reach has nothing to do with the book its got the story so wrong its just terrable only thing good is online. the OG halo and halo 2 pretty darn good games no i dont own a 360 just a ps3 but alot of my buds have it and i try to enjoy both all reviews are bias anyway when is the last time u saw i highly hyped game get bad reviews it just dosnt happen much
JUDALATION  +   1437d ago
It sounds just like a P90.... STOP HATING
The video of the P90 SOUNDS THE SAME... IT ALSO FIRES THE SAME.... ynlike cod the guys at battlefield are perfectionist when it comes to accurate sounds... hence battlefield bc 2...
stevenhiggster  +   1437d ago
Actually I'd say it sounds pretty accurate. I hate people who think because they've played a few video games they know everything about guns!


While you're there check this out too, it shows you just how unrealistic most games are, can you imagine hopping from side to side trying to fire this bad boy!?

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Hydrolex  +   1438d ago
Looks like MW + Bad Company
No Recoils ???? Noobs are gonna love this game
PS-_-GAMER  +   1438d ago
Whats recoil?
Dave1351  +   1438d ago
no recoil? trolls are gonna love bashing this game
LazyDevs  +   1438d ago
How about we camp behind a wall with a P90, has to be a PS3 player. Sorry that looks and sounds like garbage, especially the sound of the P90.
JUDALATION  +   1437d ago
MAG SOCOM KILLZONE 2 UNCHARTED 2... Any of those games as campy as Halo or MW2??? No... our games dont have spawn points for weapons or High point camping like your games you piece of shit! We do alot of spawn trapping in our games whicth is the ultimate type of run and gun....
acky1  +   1437d ago
OMGZZ we like, totally do not camp! argh.


Your almost as bad as LazyDevs in your generalisation. No need to defend against a comment that was either a joke or trolling.
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Adolf Hitler  +   1437d ago
"No one beats DICE at sound design. They must've had part in this. Amazing"

Yeah actually they did, DICE designed the MP portion of the game. Still not getting this game. I loved BFBC2 but I didn't like how they shafted us on the MAPS and they were too small and linear, they should have made the maps like they did in BFBC1, BIG and OPEN. :)
tacosRcool  +   1437d ago
Thats why this game will be the bomb
CGUpdates  +   1438d ago
I noticed this too, but what annoys me is the lack of recoil from the gun in this clip.
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Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1438d ago
Recoil: Kicks and Breaks
"In games, there is no trigger pressure so any real life bad habit shouldn’t be present. You also do not feel the impact of the weapon in your shoulder pocket which means you shouldn’t be ‘flinching’. Based on this everyone should be a damn accurate shooter in these games. Because of this, developers put a certain amount of spread on semi and full automatic weapons to introduce a certain amount of inaccuracy that would result from unsupported or weak firing stances but keep in mind that most of the time you’re supposed to be playing as highly qualified troops. If anything, in games like MOH when playing lesser trained insurgents we should see more spread and misses but because of balancing, in these games they have to find a happy medium between both sides that all levels of shooters."

CGUpdates  +   1438d ago
Fair enough, I can see what point they're trying to put across, but I still don't agree with it.
VaNdAl  +   1438d ago
P90 US Demo
The FN P90 being Demonstrated in the US. Explains how the P90 works.

Related video
nosfour  +   1438d ago
notice the lack of recoil on the real thing???

Related video
khellendros1  +   1438d ago
The P90 is a very compact SMG. There is very little recoil. That's what makes it so ideal for close combat.
hiredhelp  +   1438d ago
how come all i hear is moaning about recoil. i dont remeber this being a issue. like 6months ago only untill lately. it seems to be another knock.

actually ive played the pc beta 3 days only. it may not have recoil. but you know what. how many of you guys can have a margin of 40% hit rate at a target with a real machine gun with real recoil.

its not noobish to not have recoil. its unfortunat to some perhaps but not noobish. its noobish to have silly perks on call of duty. witch really looks more like a run and gun. and now with added zombies. maybe a cross between resident evil and mw2 gone bad.

end of the day. its from the team dice that have made bad company. and another team to do SP i beleave. and badcompany has more tacticle crap than any cod's.
bviperz  +   1438d ago
Most realistic recoil to me is found in CS and CS:S and Rainbow 6 series, especially the earlier ones.
kparks  +   1438d ago
hell yeah
RB6 Vegas great game nice call on the recoil also
Trunkz Jr  +   1438d ago
Damn that thing sounds like a beast from single fire to unloading the damn thing lol
-Gespenst-  +   1438d ago
The sound design in this game blows COD out of the water. Did you hear all that ambience?? The distant shouts and the gunfire on top of the sounds of the countryside? Sh!t sounds properly real.
El_Colombiano  +   1438d ago
That's DICE for you.
BloodyNapkin  +   1438d ago
And yeah did you hear everything echoing? Sorry that's not right, regardless of how much ambient noise there is. Listen to it again.....
Euthanasia78  +   1437d ago
Has it crossed Your mind that maybe this isn't direct feed audio? That maybe the echoing is caused by the tiny microphone taping it? Idk, that crossed my mind. I'm gonna go by what Dice has done in the past, and assume the sound will be nothing short of amazing. Take Your head out of a box and think a little. It may look good on You.
LazyDevs  +   1438d ago
Thats the first thing i noticed the terrible sound, like bloody said everything was echoing. Actually i turned it down cause of it.
-Gespenst-  +   1437d ago
The echoing sounds right to me. But then again, I haven't been in a real combat situation and neither have you so we'll agree to disagree.
I think it sounds good.
redDevil87  +   1438d ago
wow the sound is incredible
DirtyLary  +   1438d ago
Sound is good, graphics are good.

Game play is boring and the levels all look the same in an Eastern environment.

Axecution  +   1438d ago
Yeah that's probably cause the game is set in...

k. screw it.
DirtyLary  +   1438d ago
which is a good reason not to pay 60 bucks for a game set in the same local every frickin map.

damn cash grab anyway.
Axecution  +   1437d ago
Yeah man. Cliff jumping snowmobile missions and parkour should be in this game. That would make it a way better Afghanistan FPS.
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Pandamobile  +   1438d ago
"the levels all look the same in an Eastern environment"

What the hell are you expecting? The game is supposed to be a semi-realistic interpretation of the Middle Eastern Conflict going on right now. Are you expecting lush jungles and coastal beaches or something?

It's fricking Afghanistan.
KillerPwned  +   1438d ago
Damn i cannot wait to get this in the mail on Tuesday. N4G Medal of Honor Clan!
DavidMacDougall  +   1438d ago
Yeah we get all the n4g guys on one team! ...then i'd swap to the other side cause you'd all probably lose anyway.
CGUpdates  +   1438d ago
KillerPwned  +   1438d ago
You win some you lose some still i doubt it im pretty good at that game. Even drunk 34/2 KD
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LazyDevs  +   1438d ago
Really depends if it 360 players or PS3 players.
khellendros1  +   1438d ago
That was nice. The P90 is my favorite gun.
Js2Kings  +   1438d ago
I know people are tired of hearing this
but where are the freaking reviews?
gamerdude132  +   1437d ago
Look in user reviews.
HOSe  +   1438d ago
can you say - screwed up spawn points?
Vip3r  +   1438d ago
So this is what COD and BFBC mashed together looks like...
xtremexx  +   1438d ago
Awesome :))
frankymv  +   1438d ago
i look forward to kicking some serious ass online.
CREESH  +   1438d ago
Word on the street is EA has held the 360's GFX back because they are trying to catch the mind of the ps3 fanboy.
mrv321  +   1438d ago
That's called Karma for the 360 hold this generations graphics back.

Uncharted 2 just looks so damn good as do PC games.
Pandamobile  +   1438d ago
Word on the street is that the PS3 and 360 versions will have small, subtle differences in graphical quality like 95% of multiplatform games.
Odin777  +   1438d ago
Whatever gets your dick hard, kid.
B-Real206  +   1437d ago
I lol'd
poopnscoop  +   1438d ago
Looks good.
darren_poolies  +   1438d ago
I really want this game but I'm still not too sure, I think I'll wait for some reviews before buying.
PS-_-GAMER  +   1438d ago
Whats recoil.
and in Socom the P90 is F90
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1438d ago
thats because they didnt want to pay for licensing of using actual weapons in socom.
LoveSpuds  +   1438d ago
Cannot resist..
I love all kinds of games and listen to podcasts regularly who discuss the lack of creativity in the games industry. I agree with them for the most part and try to pick up anything thats original or story driven.

Having said all that, I just cannot resist a good military shooter!!!! I have this pre ordered and cannot wait!
ExPresident  +   1438d ago
Lot of camping behind a wall with a P90. :/
sweettooth  +   1438d ago
day 3 for me
bikar  +   1438d ago
Skadoosh  +   1438d ago
Good looking map. Looks to similar to COD tho. It's hard to do a war shooter that is different from others. That's why I prefer games like Halo Reach because it has some much originality compared to the rest.
Kaneda  +   1438d ago
MOH is like COD and BF combined together..
Orange Juice  +   1438d ago
I'm looking forward to buying both this and COD. October and November are infidel killing month for my gf and I.
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tunaks1  +   1438d ago
yawn, looks like every other game on the market.
Dbone  +   1438d ago
Looks good! Can't wait to get it.
Captain Tuttle  +   1438d ago
That P90 has some crazy range.
Maccaz  +   1438d ago
Looks like the offspring of MW2 and BFBC2.

Pure shit.
EscoBlades  +   1437d ago
*cough* 4 hour campaign *cough*
MehmetAlperTR  +   1437d ago
The Game is CRAP
All of my friends who pre ordered this game CANCELLED it. I live in Turkey. Games are releasing here before release date. I played the first two hour at PS3. The game is Crap.. Completly Crap.. Graphics are really bad..
zeksta  +   1437d ago
Olye mu?
Seriously, games don't revolve around graphics, fact is, games are enjoyable whether it be SNES games or PS1 games, they've all been enjoyable, what people are looking for these days are good games with amazing graphics, sure some games can bring you that, but can you imagine the FPS you'd get?

This may be the next generation of consoles, but we've only just begun sucsessing the amazing graphics some games may have today, but that being said, not every game can have Top Notch graphics, play the game for the game, not for the looks.
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