Kinect in Russia for 275 $

According twitter MS Russia, Recommended price for Kinect will be 7,999 rubles, which equals $ 275.

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Shanks2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

i guess we won't see a lot russians embarrassing themselves.

360RRODFIX2986d ago

i think even at this price it might sell more then move, i think move is around 200 bucks in Russia, wonder if it has something to do with tax

gravemaker2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

here, in russia, move costs less than 100$

2500 rubles exactly

jerethdagryphon2986d ago

grave maker not to doubt but could you if possible get a photo of that price might be useful later on

360RRODFIX2986d ago

u sure? I read it was 199 starter pack. Maybe you mean just move (sex toy looking part) is by it self 100$. Ahh never mind.

gravemaker2986d ago

i really meant move starter pack (but without sports champions, there is demo disk inside of package)

jack who2986d ago

your point? you needed too take out a loan to get a ps3 in india

Dirk Benedict2986d ago

your point? the 360 does miserably in Japan.

pixelsword2986d ago

In Soviet Russia, games own you!

superfedya2986d ago

epic fail of M$ - medium lag-camera for 270$? They are mad or what?

superfedya2986d ago

Move pack is a 3 (!!!) times cheaper!