Sony is glad Nintendo broadened the gaming market

David Reeves is up in arms over at Leipzig, issuing statement after statement. This time, Reeves tipped his hat at Nintendo, saying "...We're very happy Nintendo broadened the market to where we have never gone.

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doshey4127d ago

well a least it was not something dumb

Ri0tSquad4127d ago

bashing on the console like M$ does

Itachi4127d ago

more market share for company's to wrestle with and more content for the consumer at competitive prices

purin4127d ago

sony and microsoft will benefit afterall the coming generations

GodofPeace4127d ago

nintendo is building the bridge to causal gamers to get into the gaming world. Causal gamers get to see games like LBP, Echochrome, these real innovative games. Nintendo is bringing more people into gaming and that means more people looking at gaming products.

purin4127d ago

that's what i was insinuating

Covenant4127d ago

Which is funny, because Nintendo is following the precedent set by the PS2...and forgotten by the PS3:

Quality gaming system, good game support, and in the right price range for the casual crowd.

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The story is too old to be commented.