Rumour: New Sonic and Mario games to be announced soon

Gamersmint : Coming from a French source, rumour is that there are two brand new Sonic and Mario games in development for PS3, Wii, DS and PSP.

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prongs1232989d ago

i want Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 3 !!!!!

cyborg2989d ago

should be made before year-end. And yup, it would be pretty interesting, I am looking forward to Sonic Annivesary, if it has previous Sonic games in HD. I will be all over it. :)

AntoineDcoolette2988d ago

I want Sonic and Mario - Blood Bath Brawl. WAit.... they already put Sonic into that SSMB game for the Wii didn't they? Well there's no point in making any more games with both characters whatsoever so they need to give it a rest now =.=

multipayer2989d ago

I thought sega was trying to bury their past failures. Vertical Plumber and Horizontal Hedgehog just doesnt work.

fight4love2989d ago

i doubt it will come out for psp.

pcz2989d ago

lol sonic and mario on ps3? no way

cyborg2989d ago

is planned for the Wii and 3DS

TheLastGuardian2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Sonic has been on PS3 and 360 in a few games. I'm not so sure about Mario.

pcz2989d ago

mario wont be on a ps3, so whoever disagreed with me needs some common sense

PSboy2989d ago

2 things:

1. PS3 and PSP! Interesting

and 2. Make it a platformer, not a boring sport mini-game collection

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The story is too old to be commented.