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Submitted by mynameisdi 1947d ago | article

Top 7 Reasons Not to get Kinect

Top 7 Reasons not to get Microsoft Kinect, including why you won't survive a Zombie Apocalypse and that Microsoft is exploiting hamsters. (Casual games, Culture, Dev, Industry, Kinect, Microsoft, Tech, Xbox 360)

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The-Tentacle  +   1948d ago
Article is pretty funny and as a gamer Kinect has little to no appeal whatsoever. "god will hate you" lol.
Chuk5  +   1948d ago
These articles are so dumb. If you don't want to buy it you can think of a million reasons not to. If you want to buy something these articles just seem arrogant. Is someone wants to buy something, why should the listen to some backwater game site with a list?
mynameisdi  +   1948d ago
Have a sense of humor man. The article does have valid points.
wat634  +   1948d ago
Kinect is a beautiful piece of technology, why wouldn't you buy it?
fight4love  +   1947d ago
you really have to ask?
Philoctetes  +   1947d ago
Because there are no decent games for it?
Motorola  +   1947d ago
Any1 who doesnt own a 360 will not buy it, unless its a gift.
ChineseDemocracy  +   1947d ago
I have a feeling that was sarcasm-- at least i hope it was. You can never tell on the interwebz.
cyborg  +   1947d ago
midgard229  +   1947d ago
the 2 reasons not to buy kinect are (lag)

and most importantly
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Garrus_Vakarian  +   1947d ago
The current list of games just doesn't appeal to me, at all.
Close_Second  +   1947d ago
...will still outsell Move. Microsoft's slicker, Apple like, marketing campaign will see to that.
frostypants  +   1947d ago
You mean that ironically, I hope. The Kinect ads are embarrassing.
Supman  +   1947d ago
why does this article say top 7 reasons to not get kinect?
why do they care!? I'm buying whatever I want to.
flamebait article.
jerethdagryphon  +   1947d ago
kinect is an evolution of vision cam and eyetoy. great now look back and see why those didnt do so well...

oh yea tactile feed back

not holding anything in your hand doesnt enhance experiance in my opinion and in the opinion of others it detracts from it

look at small kids
when they pretend to be star wars people do they usually a

hold an object in there hand

or be wave an empty hand at you

im my youth it was a a stick a rolling pin something that felt close enough

non tactile gaming puts a dampner down on what you can do
frostypants  +   1947d ago
Exactly. Also, lack of a controller means less input points, which further minimizes interaction with the game.

But to your point, imagine a driving game. Would people rather have a steering wheel, or just move their hands in thin air?

It's just mind numbingly obvious that this system is a bad idea, but Microsoft is banking on people being fooled by the novelty (the mainstream isn't really too aware that Sony already tried this).

Anyways, great point and bubbles for you.
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DanteKnightsTemplar  +   1947d ago
I guess,if you live in an apartment..
jumping up and down might upset the guys living under you....,hopefully their not murderers or the mafia or something
BannedForNineYears  +   1947d ago
"If you believe in God, don’t buy Kinect. If you’re atheist, God already hates you"
I lold.

And then

"However, the project was cancelled. Why? Dunno, maybe because everything shown was pre-recorded crap?

1. Pre-recorded crap"

Lolololol. xDD

Kinect is just too inaccurate to be successful....
Er, scratch that......It WILL be successful.
Casual gamers are gonna buy Kinect for all the dancing and kinectimal games. ~_~

True gamers don't lie to themselves.
If hardware sucks.......We'll say it sucks.
And we'll believe that it sucks until we're proven otherwise. ~_~
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LoydX-mas  +   1947d ago
"True gamers"..hahaha
Why do PS3 owners who hate everything Xbox have to come here with a snobby-elitest attitude and proclaim to all here what a "true gamer" is?

If you were actually a true gamer, then you could find the fun in all games, not just the one you deem "worthy".
theonlylolking  +   1947d ago
You should not have to FIND the fun in all games. All games should be fun without having to find something that is fun about it.

Anyone remember that E.T game back then? Tell me what was so fun about it.
LoydX-mas  +   1947d ago
never played E.T......
but you prove my point.

Harrykid32 made the statement that ONLY true gamers don't lie to themselves.

What he is actually talking about is not a "true gamer" but a narrow-minded gamer who only sees the fun in "their" games that they like.

You and others may not see the fun in Kinect games, but every video I have seen of people playing Kinect games seem to be having alot of fun(even if they look rediculous playing it).
King-Leonidas  +   1947d ago
what's with all the Kinect hate?
acky1  +   1947d ago
Its overpriced, doesn't look impressive, has been done before, has games that do not appeal to anyone on this site and if successful could alienate the core audience from their 360.
frostypants  +   1947d ago
Why? Because of unending hype in the face of overwhelming evidence that it just doesn't work.
commodore64  +   1947d ago
@ king-leonidas
"what's with all the Kinect hate?"

They are scared I think.
K92  +   1947d ago
Only 7?
wanderingpixel  +   1947d ago
These kinds of lists and articles are really useless. They just attract trolls and idiots to argue about stupid things. You know what? I'm not getting either the Move or the Kinect. I already have a Wii.
whitesoxfalife  +   1947d ago
this write up is lame nuff said
asyouburn  +   1947d ago
kinects games
are lame
huga_muga   1947d ago | Trolling | show
Simco876  +   1947d ago
This piece of hardware will sell huge. Why? Because people love buying the new stuff. They can do something they haven't done before... even if it works half of the time. Why do you think people buy first generation products?
JonnyBigBoss  +   1947d ago
I can think of more than just seven. Kinect is just a piece of technology that shouldn't be on the Xbox platform. 360 fans should be floored.
Technical  +   1947d ago
umad ?
theonlylolking  +   1947d ago
Some good points but the reasons I am not getting kinect are as listed.

1.its made by microsoft the creators of RROD and RDOD(red dot of death)
2.It cost to much when I could get another camera product that can do the same thing for less
3.It has yet to give me game I would buy
hazelamy  +   1947d ago
i cant see any video of that dance game from e3 without hearing guile's sf2 music in my head. :)
Smootherkuzz  +   1947d ago
This is so funny,the writer does not like Kinect and thats his choice.

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