Sell your Modern Warfare 2 Now

Once Black Ops hits, what'll happen to those 4 million copies of Modern Warfare 2?

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wat6342987d ago

I sold it 2 months after launch.

vhero2987d ago

Hahaha I sold mine 1 month after weirdly bought for £25 from morrisons and got £32 on trade so made £7 :). But yeah it was massively disappointing.

DirtyLary2987d ago

Selling your games back to gamestop for a fraction of their value is such an idiot move. GS thanks you.

scar-leg2987d ago

Gamestop doesn't even exist in the UK. So shutup.

DirtyLary2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

UK is irrelevant. It's the principle of selling a game and ripping yourself off.

HolyOrangeCows2986d ago

I took a head start on getting rid of my never buying one.

barom2986d ago

Bought mine for 40$ and kept it for 4 months and then traded it in to Amazon for 35$. 5$ for 4 months rental is a pretty good deal imo.

BakedGoods2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

People who think trading is dumb simply don't understand the economics behind it.

It has nothing to do with ripping yourself off and everything to do with maximizing your utility from gaming.

wsoutlaw872986d ago

keeping a game you will never play again is ripping your self off. The best way is to sell it on amazon or something like that not gamestop. I just sold mine for 33$ last week

TengkuAmir102986d ago

I wanna sell my copy too! I haven't played it for 6 months now but whenever I go to game shops and ask for a trade-in, they won't give me cash but they'd trade games instead. I brought 6 games to them and they'd only trade it for ONE brand new game. So I told them to fuck off. Any tips?

Commander_TK2986d ago

It was fun, but it has a lot of problems that need to be fixed

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mikepmcc2987d ago

I sold mine after I got BFBC2 haha.

hiredhelp2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


gamingdroid2986d ago

I should have sold BFBC2!

tinybigman2987d ago

sold mine 3 months after

iistuii2987d ago

If everyone who comes on here has traded it in a month after launch, then how is it still the most played game online on both consoles you utter tools.

acky12987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

wow, angry much? why would people lie about something so trivial. I sold mine a month or so after I bought it cos I got all the trophys and realised the online was just infuriating...not fun. Tons of people have kept it tho, its not hard to understand that some people sold theirs but lots of people kept theirs.

tinybigman2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

you are a angry person arent you. once i beat the single player mode i traded it in about 3 months after since i didnt really care about the online mode. the only thing i did was play a couple of the co-op missions after that traded in towards another game.

just because others are still playing it doesnt mean i am. oh yea who the hell you calling tool you tool?

kunit22c2987d ago

acky1 and tinybigman chill out all he said was utter tools and you guys act like hes punched your mom in the womb and said "fuck your babies!" jeeze he doesn't even seem that angry but yet thats the first thing you guys mention.. personal attack?

mrcash2987d ago

because the people here are the minority, we all just like to think we make up most of the gamers.

acky12987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I'm sorry kunit22c but I don't see how pulling someone up for attacking someone with the words 'utter tool' is wrong? Maybe you don't like standing up for people or maybe you think it's ok to abuse people, but I don't.

Whoever agrees with your and stu's comment and disagrees with mine and tinybigman's comment are warped.

tinybigman2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

why did he bother to reply under my name? he could have done that to someone else. like i said i only played CoD for the single player as im not that big an online fan. so i traded my game in after 3 months.

i see the word tool and it sounds like an attack.

Bloodraid2986d ago

It's quite simple really. N4G doesn't have a userbase of 4 million.

If you cannot comprehend that, I pity you.

wsoutlaw872986d ago

you know if you sell yours to someone there are still the same amount of people who own the game.

Kon_Artist 2986d ago

:) im done with call of duty.

call of duty 4 was the best 1 and thats why i still play it every now and then

kparks2986d ago

u people are idiots i guess im the only one on here who didnt trade it in.. there is no way everyone in this whole comment section traded in the game not saying the game is great and not saying everyone or even the people im replying did not trade it in i can understand just playing the story. but look at all these ppl that say they have traded it in its BS kids jumping on the hate bandwagon


Earlier this year Sony said SOCOM Confrontatio was the game being most played online on PSN, it even had an article here in N4G.

I don't know about 360 and PC but I wouldn't be surprised if MW2 isn't top in both too.

Maybe it sold greatly but the ammount of time people spended on MW2 multiplayer is nothing but a shadow of COD4 success.

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TheGameFoxJTV2987d ago

Sold mine the day after launch. One day of playing was enough to convince me to go back to CoD4, and BC2.

HungPHATx2987d ago

I sold it 2 weeks after launched and never looked back ! Went back to COD 4 and World at War

xino2987d ago

I sold mine after I finished Storymode.

-Ikon-2986d ago

Sold mine 9 days after release. Was really funny, for a week me and my friend destroyed everyone. Got bored quick, realized how cheap it was to own every one.

sbizarre2986d ago

I am keeping mine, I really enjoyed mw2 :) I like having a collection of games even when you don't play them much anymore. I still have my old n64 and nes games, on the rare occasion I play them and remember the old times and hours of enjoyment I had. :D

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avengers19782986d ago

Or a long time ago when you could of gotten some real money for it.

solar2986d ago

didnt have to sell mine because i dont buy horrible games

PopEmUp2986d ago

I trade the game the next day I brought it, best decision ever

maawdawg2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I'm still sitting on a dev team autographed PC copy that I got as a gift for my birthday. I should definitely sell it. If I kept a video game item collection it would be one thing but it is just sitting around the house.

I probably should have unloaded it when IW broke up as there definitely won't be any more of them made and that was probably the height of interest for it.

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MurderMyDoll2987d ago

one step ahead of the author

Pedobear Rocks2987d ago

Listen...CoD4 MW is still played by thousands of people....even after WoW and MW2 have been released. If you like your MW2 keep it...the games are all so similar it'll just feel like extra levels anyway.

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