Killzone 2 'GC 07' gameplay

Killzone gameplay from GC Germany.

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Blood_Spiller3707d ago

Looking good, ground textures look better than I remember.

Time Lord3707d ago

The video in whole looks much better then E3 trailer.

ALI-G3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

is basicly gears of war cover system with FP prospective, even shotting blank is like gears of war

the chracters looked gooooooood so did the gun. the surronding environment need little bit of work to match the environment in Gears

I hope this one do not turn to be like KZ1/LAIR/HS/FOLOKORE

WaggleLOL3707d ago

According to one of the developers there is a wind effect that is being used on the stormy levels but it isn't finished yet - no debris blowing around. Obviously that will make static screenshots look blurry on parts where it is being used but will look awesome when the game is actually running.

The KEN KUTARAGI3707d ago

I think they have cleaned things up, or ramped up the framerate a bit. It definitely looks smoother than the video before of the same area.
The entire presentation reminds me an aweful lof of several Gears of War levels.
The area there in Killzone 2 doesn't look to have quite as much fine detail as GOW, but it's hard to say with such a low resolution clip.
???? We'll see....

I don't know that this will be a system seller, but the TV commercials should get some peoples' attention.

xhi43707d ago

far better than the E3 one. Has a hell of a lot more colour and vibrance. But its STILL Pre-Pre Alpha....still. Imagine how much better itll be in the final build? Wow.

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MikeJonesOK3707d ago

I'm hungry...


HeartlesskizZ3707d ago

wow with a game like this it wont be a surprise if we see another killzone

XxZxX3707d ago

did they just improved the graphics abit??? It looks better now. Might be just me though

xaphanze3707d ago

nope,thats now just you,I noticed that too!

wildcat3707d ago

The E3 demo was pre-pre alpha.

Lord Anubis3707d ago

Not really, Seb did say there was a glitch with the blurr effect in the E3 build. By now they have taken care of that glitch.

Ri0tSquad3707d ago

It doesn't look so grayish anymore has more color now cool.

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snoop_dizzle3707d ago

but we have seen this area in the trailer.

I really wanted to see more of the game.

thereapersson3707d ago

The game is still early and they want to show off as much as possible in early stages of the game before they move on to later areas with improved texturing / graphics / rendering effects / etc.

Obviously it's early and the developers probably had things fixed up so they could demonstrate the game, but the AI still looks pretty good.

thereapersson3707d ago

I guess they weren't kidding about there being Killzone announcements / news at GC. Very nice!