Top Ten Videogame Heroes

Since there are literally hundreds of thousands of games out there, it’s no easy task for lead characters to make a lasting impression on the player. Once in a while however, you'll come across a leader that's different. Somehow, that character manages to set himself apart from the others.

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danelectro2986d ago

Just cos Nico Bellic shoots people, does that really make him a bad guy????

darkcharizard2985d ago


Solid Snake, Belmont Clan and Mario are better than Sonic.

nickjkl2986d ago

well its ont that he shoots people its why and the guy was on a mission for revenge killing innocent civilians running them over random assassinations random riots the guys a homicidal maniac in my world

xtremexx2986d ago

cole definitely deserves to be there

TheLastGuardian2985d ago

If it was only this gen yea but not in top 10 videogame heroes of all time.

knifefight2986d ago

I for one applaud the decision to put these all on one page instead of break it up like some other list I saw. That guy was an assclown.

Bloodlyte2986d ago

I can relate to all the chars on the list except Cole, in my opinion Cole shouldn't be nowhere near that list.

Downtown boogey2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

And where the hell is Nathan Drake and Kratos!?
*Pulls the trigger*

wedgie2985d ago

I would say that Kratos is not a hero. He is more of an antihero. Does not really do things for the betterment of others, but is really selfish and out for revenge. Love the games though.

But Nathan Drake deserves to be on there-starts out as a selfish robber who then, realizing the consequences of what is going on, is swept up into something bigger than himself and acts with good intentions. Yeah he deserves to be on there.

stragomccloud2985d ago

I have to agree with wedgie that Kratos is more of an anti hero.
I do however agree with Nathan Drake for sure.

Venox20082986d ago

samus? where is samus?!? :)

the-show-stopper2986d ago

too many Nintendo characters on the list already

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The story is too old to be commented.