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Submitted by BIoodmask 1952d ago | opinion piece

Kinect, Are You Excited?

Microsoft has a slight advantage in that they can pitch Kinect as a new way to play, gaming without a controller, but their commercials do them no favors. They bring to mind the launch of the Wii and the excitement around experiencing something new with the whole family. (Kinect, Xbox 360)

ape007  +   1952d ago
kinda excited, just wanna see more implementations\ideas in core games
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Dr-ZOOM  +   1952d ago
Should You Be Excited For Kinect?

Kinect, Are You Excited?

What's next?

Is kinect excited about you?
Acquiescence  +   1952d ago


John-117  +   1952d ago
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Heartnet  +   1952d ago
Very very few games will implement kinect in any major way lol since its whole marketing ploy is u are the controller and if u got a controller in ur hand it err kinda makes that statement silly :P
tinybigman  +   1952d ago
if i didn't buy shovelware for my wii why would i spend $150 for a camera and more shovelware?
Croash  +   1952d ago
@ Acquiescence
Did you just answer "Nope" to "What's next?" :D
Jaces  +   1952d ago
...Um no. Only when I start seeing actual GAMES will be I be excited for Kinect and eventually get one. But for now, I'll wait.
plenty a tool  +   1952d ago
one word

i will not buy kinetic, just like i havent bought move. i have a wii which now resides in its box. $ony and micro$oft can keep their desperate add ons
yippiechicken  +   1952d ago
That was WAY more than one word!

MrMccormo  +   1952d ago
In what bizarre alternate dimension do gamers get excited about a $150 peripheral that offers less accuracy, slower response time, more casual games, and fewer control inputs? only does nonsense.
Immortal321  +   1952d ago
if you like dancing
then... wait let me rephrase that, if you want to have fun?

kinect is for middle school students. and girls who are too stupid to find the "A" button.
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1952d ago
Oh come on, you fanboys
You know you're excited for all of the on-rails adventures (Bu bu but you can defeat the entire purpose of kinect and use a controller, successfully not allowing you to use at least one arm) and Wii Sports: Kinect Edition.

It has so much "potential" lol
HolyOrangeCows  +   1952d ago
"Kinect, Are You Excited?"
I don't think Kinect is excited. It only gets to play on-rail games.
Plus it's inanimate.
visualb  +   1952d ago
Kinect, Are You Excited?
morkendo23  +   1952d ago
@ shadow flare

yea man i was here in 07 under different name. i remember seeing all 360 fanboys barging in on this site whining about ps3 will fail but never once acknowledge RROD OR E74 ISSUES.. back then if you were not a 360 gamer you were bashed by the mart,zuhk,dc rider,power of green etc.. your bubbles was taken. banned you to open zone it was hell believe you me. N4G have eased up a bit.
p.s did not THE MART have a avatar of calvin pissing on a ps3??
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visualb  +   1952d ago
3 people don't agree that I'm not excited.
I guess 3 people know me better than myself...*goes check rooms in the house for spies or trolls hiding*

@morkendo23 - n4g has eased up? wow...thank god I wasn't here back then,
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creamydingle  +   1952d ago
No way its $194 dollars in Australia with crappy games at launch NO WAY am I excited.
lelo2play  +   1952d ago
Not exactly exited... just curious.

My guess is that the casual are going to eat it up.
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jerethdagryphon  +   1952d ago
thing is with a middle class mom who has gotten the kids a wii thatg they rarly play on
prefering pc or tv or shock horros real sports outside

i dont tihnk thell drop 400£ on a 360 and kinnect +games

for the 20-30 crowd who work full time come home for a bit of cod or badcompany or halo
the last thing a tired worker is gonna do is jumpo around a house or appartment alone
looking like a numpty
thell flop down in a couch with a beer and play

which leaves 2 groups upper middle class kids who have a wii and a 360
and over 30s
the former has a wii theyve played wii games
they have a 360 for that sort of game halo and the like i dont see much crossover unless kinect puts out proper non on rails shooters.

as for the over 30s when they get home from work they either have kids to take care of or have so little time to them selves gaming is a rare luxery

based off of that the only people who are likly to pick up kinect as a first choice

is upper middle class kids who dont have any console..... they got to be rare

unless kinect releases goodmainstream games the wiicrowd isnt gonna spend mopney on it
Imperator  +   1952d ago
morkendo23  +   1952d ago
Should You Be Excited For Kinect?
AHHHHH, nooooooo

it has nothing hardcore to offer
kiddie games yes.
Cryptech  +   1952d ago
Ya , I would be excited if I was a 8 year old girl who wanted to play with the pedo-tiger.
midgard229  +   1952d ago
Kinect makes me excited in my pants
Anon1974  +   1952d ago
I'm a little interested in Move, but that's only a little - and only because they have games I'd actually play. Kinect - yeah, not interested. All I see are games that have already been released on the Wii, and I didn't play them then. And really it's a moot point anyway. I couldn't play Kinect even if I wanted to without rearranging my living room every time I wanted to play. The space requirements are ridiculous for most.
niceguywii60  +   1952d ago
Very excited as well. This thing is going to be huge.

The future starts now. And the end of the world for haters?
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EVILDEAD360  +   1952d ago
Yes...excited as anyone can be with motion controls
I laugh when people still keep talking about the price..

I bought Move bundle last week for $99 and the extra contoller for $49..which is the same as buying Kinect

I'm on my second weekend with Move and I already bought 4 more games..which is another $200 dollars

I dig the Move experience but the truth is it's now made me look forward to Kinect even more than I originally did.

The bottomline is motion control games are mainly about the party games and family.

I love that Sony and Microsoft took two different lanes..

Move is really fun and excels when it comes to Sports champion games like Gladiator, Bocce, and I can attest that Frisbee Gold is an f-ing blast.

But, I honestly think Kinect has a good launch line-up and a great future ahead of it

Kinect Adventures is simply family mini-games..but the key (that I feel Sony missed the boat on) is the fact that the bowling game is included.that game BY FAR is the one reason Wii Sports got heavy rotation from families around the world

Kinectimals is priceless for families that have young ones..I bought EyePet on Saturday and my neice loved it..but the interactivity of Kinectimals is definately going to be a cool experience for the kids

I could care less for Joy Ride..but I get it..I look forward to the Forza experience w/ Kinect

The one area where Kinect excels over Move is the Dance and Fitness games..the MTV 'Dance Central' and the Ubisoft Fitness game could both catch fire for kinect similiar to what Just Dance and Wii Fit did for the Wii

For me I think games like the Ubisoft Football mini game, the boxing and the soccer penalty kick will be a blast with friends

The games I'm buying at launch are:

Kinecimals for my neice
Ubisoft's Motion Sports: Play for real
Kinect Sports
Game Party in Motion
Deco Sports Freedom

Most anticipated is Child of Eden

Other than that the Dashboard and Cam funtionality through Windows messenger should be cool

XRider  +   1952d ago
Crystal ball says

360 fans: yes with a chance of extreme defense

PS3 fans: no with a chance of trolling

Crystall ball answer: outcome guaranteed
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EVILDEAD360  +   1952d ago

+ Bubbles
SoSLy  +   1952d ago
Am I excited about it?.. no
Am I curious about it?.. yes
topgeareasy  +   1952d ago
this is my answer to the question
shutupandplay  +   1952d ago
I`m mostly excited about the massive sales boost the 360 will get from it, it`s going to dominate.
mopground  +   1952d ago
as a gamer why u excited about sales boosts?
Shadow Flare  +   1952d ago
if this does give 360 a massive sales boost, what do you think Microsoft are going to do? They're going to focus the majority of their resources on this new highly profitable sector. You can already see them doing that with how they've announced next to no games for the core gamer in the future. Seriously, what good exclusives are you looking forward to? You should be hoping kinect is a flop
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cereal_killa  +   1952d ago
as a gamer why u excited about sales boosts?
lmao gamer and shutupandplay don't belong in the same sentence....I think M$ next game for Kinect should be called Videogame Industry Analyst so these Muppet can act like Micheal Patcher in a real environment I bet that game would out sell Halo and Gears combined.
shadyiswin  +   1952d ago
Sales boost is why the xbox 360 multi platform games play better. Who's does boost means we get better games and more likely to get exclusives, sales matter.
SoSLy  +   1952d ago
How does the sales boosts of the 360 give it a btter multiplat games?
please elaborate on ur arguement. The fact that Microsoft is abandoning in "core" audience is good? If Kinect does get sales then Microsoft is likely to put more money on Kinect. and yea sales matter, Sales matter for the Salesman not the person buying the product and for that person, value matters.
bustamove  +   1952d ago
Yes, because you play sales, right?

Just brag about sales, like you own stock in Microsoft or something. Don't think about the games and how much Microsoft is abandoning the harcore.
visualb  +   1952d ago
glad to know gamers are happy with sales

now if only salesmen were this excited with the quality of games...we'd have a fantastic gaming industry....too bad =(
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jay2  +   1952d ago
Nope, give me some decent games, or something intreasting like Milo just might have been, then we'll whisper, and might, just might talk M$.
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Pedobear Rocks  +   1952d ago
Gaming without a controller has been
done...stop perpetuating this falsehood for MS..Sega and Sony have both done it
Zir0  +   1952d ago
No one on N4G is excited since the majority are PS3 fanboys.

But myself and the a lot of gamers outside of this site are very excited about it.
Silly gameAr  +   1952d ago
Why aren't you hanging with them instead of the N4G PS3 fanboys?
MaximusPrime  +   1952d ago
When I first joined n4g, majority were xbox 360 fanboys. It's true that right now majority are ps3 fanboys. This shows how good PS3 really is.
Sez  +   1952d ago
@ above
When I joined this site in 07. It was still more ps3 fanboys than there were xbox fanboys. I remember ps3 fanboys saying that no-one should buy a 360 because MS was going to abandon it in 4 years like they did with the xbox and they Also bash it because The 360 didn't support B/C. I also remember people like nassim would constantly keep making multiple accounts and post sales in favor of the ps3. Just to get his accounts banned. So no I don't remember a time on this site when it was mostly 360 fanboys.

Ontopic: I'm a little excited for kinect. I would love to see more core games for it. But I understand that it needs time for dev's to think outside the box and come up with some good ideas on what to make for kinect. I don't think people really care how silly they look when they are in the house playing with family or friends. It didn't stop people from playing dance dance revolution. I don't think it will with some if kinects games.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   1952d ago
ummmm no....
when i got here,people like the mart,power of green,bloodmask,kewlkat,real deal gamer,dc rider,zuhk,etc...were running the place with their comments about ps3 not having games,not powerful,bluray not needed,etc.

most were ran off when their lies were revealed.only people like bloodmask were able to turn their ability to find news into a profitable venture on this site.

as for kinect,i'm not excited on something that has already been done.that can be done with Vision Cam
and the 360 headset for's just microsoft abandoning yet another device like xbox1,hd-dvd and component systems and telling people that kinect is what you should really get.

for a 2D camera,it's amazing that it can do hand gestures like this
and most of what a 3D camera can someone that has the eyetoy and pseye,i'm not seeing anything different other than a graphics boost...
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Shadow Flare  +   1952d ago
Vega if you don't remember a time when this site was mostly 360 fans, then you obviously haven't been on it that long. Or you looked at things skewed. Before this site was n4g, it was 2 websites. It was and (or something like that, I didn't use the 360 site). Then they got merged to form n4g. I was on it from back then, you can check my profile, it lists the date I joined. I've only seen 1 person still active who joined earlier then me (kingboy). Now even on it was infested with 360 trolls. The likes of theMART was basically the omega of the day.

Then we got to n4g and in the early years, this site was very much a majority of 360 fans. And the articles would be absolutely teeming with "ps3 is doomed" articles. And those articles went on for so, so long. So you can imagine that in those articles were filled with 360 fans agreeing with them and the few ps3 fans like myself, DJ, (I can't remember some of the other names) trying to defend it. So yes it was a big 360 hole. The big turning point was when bluray won the format war. It essentially gave a massive bitchslap to all those 360 fans who had for months been saying "it will fail because all Sony formats fail". Alot of 360 fans weren't seen here again after that. And it slowly got better and better after that when it was becoming evident how well ps3 was doing and the type of games that were coming out for it. Until we got to the stage we're at now

So put simply, this site did use to be different. There was a big 360 fan group goin on in here and the amount of ps3 doom articles there was almost made it unbearable to come in here. I'm sure some of the others could vouch for that
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MaximusPrime  +   1952d ago
I joined back in 2005 under different name. Now my current name remains since 2006. Xbox 360 fanboys were dominating n4g during 2005-2007.

I never forget those wellknown fanboys such as zhuk, mart, power of green
Sez  +   1952d ago
@ shadow Flare
I have Been here since 07. So yes I have seen that this site was still ran by sonyfanboys Claiming once this ( insert game here) comes out the 360 was doomed and was claiming once those games release. Especially with the 125 million install base of the ps2.


I guess you also forgot people like Shane Kim, jukken, DRrage, crazzy man, Razor, mantis, and many more. Who also ran this site and bash anyone buying the 360 because they said ms would discontinue the 360 after four years and with a 25 million install base. That it didn't stand a chance against the the ps2
125 million waiting to jump on the ps3 once games like GT,FF13 ( when it was still thought to be exclusive) eye of judgement,ect. So no I don't recall this site being a 360fanboy site. I remember coming here from the gamepro site ( which was how I learned of this site) was also filled with sonyfanboys doing the samething. With the staff and modds fueling the flamewars between both factions.
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pixelsword  +   1952d ago
@ vega75:

I was also here in '07, but unlike you, I came about six months later.

the 360 fanboys ran this joint when I got here.

A number of them are likely mods now, especially when a PS3-bashing article can get a boatload of reports and still pass, but a 360-bashing article can get two reports and it's shut-down.
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being_in_itself  +   1952d ago
Oh the mart. Anyone remember one of his avatars? Calvin pissing on a ps3?
40cal  +   1952d ago
Shadow Flare
I can remember the two or three years that this site was a daily PS3 hate fest.

And yep, HD-DVD's failure was a big turning point for this place, that and everything the early 360 fanboys used to come here to yell about turning out to be nothing more than a truck load of BS.

Then the PS3's software just kept stomping mud holes in the industry, including having the game of the year two years in a row exclusive to the console.

Edit: @ Vega
Its funny how people can view things differently, I was on Gamepro at that point in time also, it seemed to be ran by the 360 community also with a few and admittedly vocal PS3 fans. Now I did see most of those arguments you listed, hell I gave some of them.

Look guys, if you think about it, the 360 was on the market a full year before the PS3 so yes most gaming sites where over run with 360 fans, its been interesting to watch these environments change over the years.
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The Wood  +   1952d ago
Am i exited for it...the idea yeah kinda, the reality from what has been shown, nope.

If this place was a ps3 haven there wouldnt have been so many anti ps3 articles like there were. You name ps3 users but there were more 360 users then ...The change happened when the ps3 started kicking ass.

Exclusives, check

price, check

graphics, check

goty's check

decrease in unit sales gap, check

blu ray vs hddvd, check

with each bs theory/ bad point shut down the haters disbanded. the victims were smacking the bullies..Now it almost seems the opposite...swings n roundabouts. If the 360 steps up again their fans will scream from the hills AGAIN

lol remember cybersentinal and jokes on you in his prime....zhuk was just funny...he was the arch enemy of dark sniper. I had to read their comments
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Zeevious  +   1952d ago
And the truth is . . .
They Where ALL Wrong!

There are great games on every console.
Like other members and gamers here I've done my part to drive out many of the lying trolls on every side of this stupid, childish console "war"

Every machine has it's great games, and none of them make any console worth worshiping like a religion.

I don't miss any Cult of the Console Worshipers that are gone, but am glad for those that now own more than one consoles or at least can respect those who do.

Why can't everyone enjoy ALL the great games for gamers of every kind?
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being_in_itself  +   1952d ago
Having jabbered about all these 360 fanboys and Vega trying to name a few ps3ers, I thought it only fair to identify one 'MaddensRaiders'.
Sez  +   1952d ago
@ being in itself
Had you had saw my first post I only threw out one name which was nassim. Which I'm sure if you was here back then would have know how he would spread fud with made up numbers and multiple accounts. It was shadow flare who decided to throw out names like PoG,Mart, and zhuk. But fail to mention that there was a guy on here who did the same thing zhuk did ( can't remember his name for the life of me) he had a guy from tekken as his avatar.
being_in_itself  +   1952d ago
Vega - I wasn't trying to dismiss anything you were saying, if you took it to be that way. I agree there were PS3 fanboys, I do, but I do think Xbox douches ruled this site.

I've been reviewing news and comments on this site since 2006. Created an account in 2007 to comment in one article about patent infringement (think it was back during the "no rumble" six axis debate). Never commented again and just recently created a new account b/c I forgot what the old one was.

All that said, I pointed to MaddensRaiders as the #1 PS3 fanboy I remember. He was just a Sony fanboy. He bragged about having everything Sony. Sony TV (I have one too - they are good), Sony receiver (they suck and he thought they were awesome), Sony speakers (suck again, he thought again to be awesome), etc. Sony Sony Sony!!! I even recall this one post of him where he went on some tangent about Sony making the best of the best stuff -- he, HE, should know as he, HE has a TV, receiver, speakers, etc. etc. etc..

So, long story short, I agree there have been fanboys on all sides. I disagree that this place was not ruled by Xboxers back in the day, as it was. But, to aid your argument, I tossed out the one big PS3er I recall. I did see your first post but you later posted many more names. I was surprised you missed Madden was all.
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Sez  +   1952d ago
@ being in itself
Sorry about that. I was reading down the list of comments and when I looked at your I took it wrong. My fault I should have read it more careful instead of being defense.
MRMagoo123  +   1952d ago
I joined in 07 aswell and it def was run by 360 fanturds spreading crap all day long like "bluray doomed to fail" "HDDVD will win with whitewash because all the big companies support them" "PS3 doomed to fail because it has no games" every day there was at least 6 more ps3 doomed related articles the reason there are more ps3 fans now is because the ps3 has shown that its the better choice ppl have bought then and jumped ship from the 360. All the ppl complaining now about fans should stop and think why there are sooooo many ps3 fans on here and why the ps3 is dominating the world now its because its the best console out there and anyone that wants the best should buy one
bustamove  +   1952d ago
I also heard from 360 fanboys how the PS3 was doomed, it was just a bluray player, it has no games, Sony failed...everything under the sun.

I also saw the majority of 360 fanboys grasping at every 'Sony is doomed' articles just because the company was going through a rough time.I saw people receiving random disagrees and bubbles being taken away each time.

It goes both ways so stop acting as if 360 fanboys are innocent because they weren't. Sure you had some strange people on the PS3 side but I have seen the majority of 360 fanboys attacking the PS3 since it came out.

As for Kinect, I'm not excited for it? Know why? I have not seen anything that makes me excited for it. But I'll get a million disagrees for stating that opinion either way.
#6.3 (Edited 1952d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Sez  +   1952d ago
First off no one acting like the 360 fanboys are innocent. It you guys that are trying to act like the world was against Sony and the ps3. When the whole gaming industry was backing it since the ps1. The only reason Sony caught flak was because the $600. Price tag andtheir launch lineup. Where as MS and (especially) nintendo was getting the business since last gen. But when Sony caught the same business. Everyone start crying fowl.

So no sir. It you guys that need to stop acting like you guys are innocent and that you did nothing wrong this gen. And as for losing bubbles. I was losing bubble just for saying my ps2 died on my 3 times and having to pay $150. out my pocket twice just to get it repaired.

@ the wood

If you look back in the posted articles here on this site. You would also see the nintendo and ms also getting a lot of negative articles. Like how nintendo lost touch with it's fanbase by making casual games leaving thier core fanbase out in the cold or the real reason ms joined in the console wars was because fear that people would choose consoles over pc which would cut into their biggest money resource. Remember those
#6.3.1 (Edited 1952d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(10) | Report
The Wood  +   1952d ago
'First off no one acting like the 360 fanboys are innocent.''ve denied their prevalence. That kinda says something but it definitely goes both ways. This site was the opposite. Anybody who denies that is a liar, naive or extremely blinkered in my opinion


yeah but there were hardly any Nintendo users to care about then. Every company took flack but ps3 doomed articles were daily. Every aspect of the ps3 was attacked by the western media. The west now had a real console manufacturer to champion, the 360. Of course the media would be a little more tactful with it. This isnt a strange or unique phenomenon cummon man
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Seijoru  +   1952d ago
All my friends with a 360 could care less about kinect.
MaximusPrime  +   1952d ago
Good luck MS. Because you need it.

The importance of Kinect is releasing decent games. So far you haven't shown any.
ndibu  +   1952d ago
I'd say about 150 k people were excited enough to pre-order it
Only 40k pre-ordered Move. Thats close to 4 times more and there's still 4 weeks to go
radphil  +   1952d ago
I'd say 9 out of 10 people make up statistics on the spot.
danielle007  +   1952d ago
I'm not.

But, I'm sure there's a buttload of people that are, and honestly, anything that adds more longevity to this generation is welcome in my eyes. I am not interested in buying a new console. At all. So, that's how I'm looking at it. And, there are literally no shortage of multiplats, even if M$ is kind of lacking some exclusives.
darren_poolies  +   1952d ago
I agree.

But god it annoys me how ignorant some of my friends are about Kinect, they act like its the second coming of Jesus yet they have not watched one video of it being used. It also annoys me how this will sell a hell of a lot, even though it doesn't deserve to, because people will buy it blindly.
danielle007  +   1952d ago
But, back in the day, I felt the same about the Wii.

And, after a few years, it's really finally shaped up enough for me to consider it an actual console that warrants my time.
darren_poolies  +   1952d ago
Well Kinect may shape up enough for me to consider a purchase but right now it has nothing for me. At least the Wii has some great games suck as SMG2 and Metroid Prime, what does Kinect have, Kinectimales? :P
danielle007  +   1952d ago
Not going to argue with you there.
Kinect has shown nothing. But, at least to me, the Wii showed absolutely nothing for a while as well. So, who knows?

I do not have high hopes. I really don't care about Kinect at all.. But, as a gamer, I will go where the great games are. If there are ever great games for Kinect, I will be forced to at least look into it. 'Til then, meh.
cb4g  +   1952d ago
Excited? No...
Interested? Hmmm...Maybe.

The Kinect will sell, there's no doubt about it. I can only hope that with those sales, the platform can eventually pump out some interesting games that I can enjoy. I mean, yes, I'm happy that my family can use it for exercise and fitness, but what's in it for me?

After a long day of hard work, all I want to do is sit down with a drink and escape. If Kinect can give me that, then I'm sold.
lashes2ashes  +   1952d ago
sorta excited. im sick of testing stupid demos and want full games. im really good at kinect bowling and want achievements for it.
candycvu   1952d ago | Spam
EazyC  +   1952d ago
In short, no. I want to play games sitting down, not leaping all over my living room like some ape on crack. I hate the way Xbox is trying to give off this "family" image, whilst simultaneously giving a huge middle finger to us proper hardcore fans who got it so popular in the first place.

More money, not more smiles, is M$'s mantra, so I'm sure they're fine with their end of the deal here:Lotsa cash =/
NBT91  +   1952d ago
Not really, kind of neutral to be honest. It will be interesting to see how the public responds to fully motion controlled gaming, reactions so far don't seem to be bad.
bakagaijin78  +   1952d ago
I'm more interested in seeing how the public reacts to it too. I personally don't have a reason to buy Kinect off the bat, so I'm planning on sitting back and seeing what others think of it upon release.
AceofStaves  +   1952d ago
It will be interesting to see what happens once people actually get the technology into their homes and try it out. If it works as people expect, Kinect will be a blockbuster. If it doesn't, there could be long lines at the return counter.

I'm hoping it works out, even though I can't use it. If it's successful, perhaps MS will be able to make a more accessible controller for those of us who are physically disabled.
LedZeppelin  +   1952d ago
What the hell is kinect?
avatarshoe   1952d ago | Spam
Garrus_Vakarian  +   1952d ago
I honestly can't say that I am.
There is not one game that has been revealed that I would purchase. Hopefully some appealing ones are revealed in the coming months.
clintos59  +   1952d ago
Trust me MS already has this planned out & are banking on kinect to be a success....
The only problem is if kinect isnt a success, u can almost bet MS will come out with the next xbox console. I mean MS has already played all their trump cards with the year head start, the first out of the big 3 to drop the console price to $199 & is the first to drop to $149 & with its biggest selling franchise halo reach already out I dont what else is there left for them besides kinect. I think where MS needs to really worry is if sony cuts the price for the ps3 to $199 when kinect launches, that alone will be a big blow to kinect sales because it'll be almost guaranteed that the ps3 will be sold out everywhere. As for am I excited for kinect? Yes I am for the potential kinect has but as of right now, with the crappy lineup kinect has at launch, ill pass until they have sum games for us core gamers.
#16 (Edited 1952d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
byeldell34  +   1952d ago
more no then yes
Crayola  +   1952d ago
midgard229  +   1952d ago
oh yeah im sure we are excited
because we want to look like this family
Kain81  +   1952d ago
and now with sound/music
blackburn5  +   1952d ago
First of all the nonsense that everyone on this site is talking about people on other sites besides N4G are excited about Kinect is BS. They don't love or hate Kinect any more or less then we do. Secondly you can be excited about Kinect all you want. I don't see what is with the attacking anyone who says they are excited about Move or Kinect . And lastly sales won't matter until after Xmas. What does it matter how much you sell if no one wants to play you device a few months later or return it to the store? Before we boast about who sells more or less, remeber we have no idea how much staying power either device has. I mean really, do you really believe a hardcore gamers will buy Kinect for instace and wait until sometime next year for a hardcore game or that the average American or average gamer can play Kinect for hours without being exuasted no matter how much fun everyone claims it is? Trust me, unless you are an athlete, pain, strain and over exertion trumps 'fun' every time.
#20 (Edited 1952d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AceofStaves  +   1952d ago
I don't get the bitching, either. People like what they like; there's no reason to insult people with different preferences.

I'm not sure how much 'staying power' either Kinect or Move have. Nintendo could bank on quality first-party titles with recognizable characters to push the Wii from beyond a fad. Neither MS, nor Sony, have that same luxury. Both could be short term successes, and long term failures.

Have a bubble.
#20.1 (Edited 1952d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
0oAngeluso0  +   1952d ago
Well I didn't read any of the other comments here
I am however very excited to get Kinect. I pre ordered back the day after I saw it on E3. I am excited about a few launch titles, but I'm more excited about the future possibilities. November 4th I get my new 360s and Kinect Bundle! Woot Woot!
DeathGazer  +   1952d ago
What's there to be excited about?
jerethdagryphon  +   1952d ago
im interested in kinect but not the 360 id like to see what home devs can do with it once they make drivers cheap mocap for animation perhaps
Megaton  +   1952d ago
Nope. The tech is slightly evolved, but the premise is the same as the EyeToy, a gadget in which I also had no interest. You need a controller or keyboard/mouse to play "good" and "complex" games. To be honest, they're really not even showing anything to prove it's an evolution in tech. As Morgan Webb said after E3: "They've shown nothing that hasn't been done years ago on the EyeToy". The Panzer Dragoon type thing they showed a trailer of at TGS was kinda cool, but it's something I'd rather play with a controller, like Child of Eden.

This thing is going to ride heavily on marketing, as it has been so far. That's really what Microsoft is best at, marketing. I dunno any other product that was marketed on TV a year before it even had a name, followed by a televised show performed by Cirque du Soleil just to announce the final product. No expense will be spared to make sure it sells. Microsoft is all about the image of success. That's why Aaron Greenberg and his comrades are so tenacious, and often say things that make you question their mental stability. When things are bad, don't just stay silent like most other companies do. Go out there, find anyone willing to listen, and say the company and its products are the best they've ever been. The image of success outweighs everything for them, even product quality.

To put all this motion nonsense into my perspective: If I wanted a Move, I'd own a Wii. If I wanted Kinect, I'd own an EyeToy. Past is prologue, and the future looks shovelware-heavy.
#24 (Edited 1952d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Relientk77  +   1952d ago
I think its funny that theres another article titled:
Should You Be Excited For Kinect?
shaun mcwayne  +   1952d ago
i think kinect is been marketed to casual gamers at launch because if they made an advetisement were you see a person rip a mans spine out his butt it would put off people buying it for their kids. core games will be released eventually
shadyiswin  +   1952d ago
I love how ps3 fan boys rush to kinect post
Nothing going on for sony I suppose, I'm super excited for kinect and know 4 people getting it on day one. One person lives with me and we both know we dont wanna share, can't wait fut1 the sales to blow your mind lol.
Lyr1c  +   1952d ago
Nothing going on for Sony?

GT5 anybody?

For the record: Only fanboys use the term "fanboy".
gcolley  +   1952d ago
'For the record: Only fanboys use the term "fanboy".' as you are obviously the fanboy police, what phrase should we use for annoying little kids devoting their annoying little lives to one console and then preaching it to all others like a mormon?
Lyr1c  +   1952d ago
You call them "annoying little kids devoting their annoying little lives to one console and then preaching it to all others like a mormon" ;)
omi25p  +   1952d ago
im excited to see how fast kids put it to their top of the christmas list, i have a feeling its going to be big, maybe as big as the wii was its first year. But only time will tell.
earbus  +   1952d ago
Yes getting day one buying no more games untill it launches f1 and reach will keep me going.
gcolley  +   1952d ago
not excited... still interested

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