Levine confirms no PS3 BioShock

Joystiq just got off the phone with Ken Levine, lead designer for BioShock, who says the BioShock PC issues are overblown because they're under a microscope right now due to the game's profile and he fully admits they "screwed up," patches are most definitely in the works and there is no PS3 version of BioShock in development or planned.

Levine admits there were "real screw-ups" and he "understands why people are pissed off" about the online copy protection verification for the game and it comes down to a classic victim of their own success story. They couldn't have planned the game would be such an insta-hit and they weren't prepared, so when all those people tried to verify their PC versions online during installation the server crashed. He also reiterated patches are in the works for the FOV issues and that the copy protection limit locked in for PCs will be raised. He also assured us that the servers used to authenticate the game for the PC to allow installation will be there for decades in case someone wants to install the game years from now. He says there is nothing "insidious" in their copy-protection, it's the same as any other game that uses the same protection program.


Everyone needs to read the full story.
Joystiq's full interview with Ken Levine has been updated:
...There's no PS3 development going on that we're hiding. There's lots of stuff that gets into game code, plans change over time and we got an exclusive deal with Microsoft...

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eLiNeS3980d ago

to handle the awesome graphics that awaits you.

monkey6023980d ago

why has he 4 disagrees for stating his opinion i dont get this site

InMyOpinion3980d ago

Maybe they're just saying that they are not interested in Bioshock. Or maybe they are just jealous. Beats me.

45421253980d ago

Finaly something giving a console identity.

fjtorres3980d ago

Maybe they *like* that its never coming to PS3.
Who knows?

Ignorant Fanboy3980d ago

People get disagrees by trolls that just go down the list hitting disagree with everyone.

If I posted a statement that:

MS makes the 360
Sony makes the PS3

I would still get a disagree. Its just how it works on this site.

Ri0tSquad3980d ago

@ rusgriem
We thought it had a possible chance of coming to the ps3 because of the file found in the demo. And that only on what ever system can lie. Example = Resident evil 4 only on gamecube later on ps2 and computer

WilliamRLBaker3980d ago

Agreed that does suck, All gamers should experience this game.

reaperxciv3980d ago

another one bites the dust... too bad, this game should be sold on all platforms

Texas GMR3979d ago

I'm an XBOX fan, but this game should be experienced by all gamers. It's that good. Let's hope the PS3 finally get's it eventually. Even if it takes another year, this game is an instant classic!

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rusgreim3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

"Only on Xbox 360 and PC"

I thought that made it pretty damn clear, but leave it to sony fanbois to just make $hit up.

Edit: How can you disagree? despite the fact its stamped PC & xbox only, we have these lame, PS3 bois begging stories.

Syko3980d ago

In fairness Enchanted Arms had the same branding. It just means at the time of it's release you can only get it on PC or 360.

rsebes3980d ago

There were still rumors of Bioshock in dev for ps3. I just wanted to make that clear. Please don't insult certain groups for ex. "Fanbois". Thats your opinion, Here we are trying to report news.

WilliamRLBaker3980d ago

Syko thats only cause Enchanted arms sold like crap, thats why ubi sent it multi, cause the game sucked so they wanted to squeeze money out of it as much as they could.

Naruto3980d ago

who said it was going to ps3?

tplarkin73980d ago

Gamespot, EGM, and IGN all made comments that Bioshock would "eventually" make it to PS3. They all "suspected" it would come. This actually make me a bit mad, since journalists are supposed to speak with knowledge. Eventhough Bioshock was always exclusive to 360/PC, they kept assuming otherwise. I thought they had insider information, but they obviously didn't.

Rhaigun3979d ago

It was a rumor. No game site said it was coming for sure. It's been said by some sites that the PS3 listing was just part of UE3 code.

Odion3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

yup what we all thought MS made a deal

fjtorres3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

it always was.
MS is paying to localize it to japanese, remember?
That was pointed out last month.
Why would MS do that if it wasn't signed, sealed, and delivered as 360 exclusive?
Go play Lair children and get out of here...

THC CELL3980d ago

This game was not for Ps3 man i never liked it,

toughNAME3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

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EDIT - free_porn Sry man im Canadian...good try though

EDIT - Wanker? I said CANADIAN

A Man3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

Ok then. How about Wanker? Na doesnt matter.