Will Kinect Sell Out at Christmas?

Xbox kinect will most likely be massive. Almost any new gaming console or perhaps video games device which is released sells out and the demand usually outweighs supply. Combine that with the point that kinect is going to be presented the calendar month ahead of christmas time and the actual outcome can just mean one thing.

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jay22508d ago

Yeah, or maybe M$ will make 100,000 world wide and fake it's sold out who knows/cares.

MrMccormo2508d ago

"Sell out" and "sell a lot" are two completely different things. Gamers seem to forget that, which companies like Microsoft like to take advantage of in order to brag "WE SOLD OUT! WE SOLD OUT! Do you hear that, our shareholder-gamer-customers?&q uot;

Bigpappy2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

With that, I expect them to have about 3 Mil at launch and then try a replemish the hot spots. It will sell out in the US then we will have to wait for the world wide launch to finish before they can replemish. So may be early December they will have another shipment of 2-3 mil more. These are not DVD where they can just have copies made in a few days.

360RRODFIX2508d ago

well it will sell more then move thats for sure, due to hype and better marketing but i wonder if it will continue to sell few months from launch.

Imperator2508d ago

They will not sell 5 million by the end of the year. Not even 3 million. They'll be lucky if they reach a million. Fact is, the 360 is only relevant in the U.S. and I doubt 1/4 of the 360's American install base is gonna rush out to buy Kinect.

RBlaze2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Who has told you that the 360 is only relevant in the US? I quote the most recent (approximate) sales figures for the current year for the main areas of Europe (PS3 Numbers; X360 Numbers):

UK 402,564; 823,996
France 367,825; 322,424
Germany 278,943; 250,232
Spain 218,033; 144,574
Italy 319,125; 246,619
Scandinavia 114,202; 121,338
Other Europe 297,175; 217,105

Approximate numbers here suggest that the 360 actually outsold the PS3 in Europe. These numbers are probably a little off, so to account for that let us assume that the numbers are practically even.

What I am saying, is that the Xbox is just as relevant in Europe as the PS3... Your statement is the same as suggesting that 'The PS3 is only relevant in Japan'... Just because you say it, doesn't make it true... Check your facts.


As many have said, something selling out is purely relative. If MS release 100 Kinect Sensors, then the Kinect will sell out. This makes the question a little strange. We should ask if Kinect will sell well! I have no idea!! I know that I will be waiting a few months to see what else it can play. If it gets good publisher support, I can see Kinect doing great things... MS's biggest problem is publisher support and price... If it gets those two right, there will be no reason for Kinect to not become Huge.

EDIT: Also, before I get disagrees... All the numbers I have quoted are near fact... My idea of Kinect sales potential is the only thing that can be in question...

lowcarb2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Good try Imperator but not good enough. Maybe in your world Japan is everything but in the real world 360 has been constantly building momentum. Kinect will sell out no doubt but wha will be interesting is to see just how much longer 360 can out sell Wii in the US.

Anon19742508d ago

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. We're talking about $150 for what's essentially a web cam to play Wii type games on the 360. I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble here but let's be realistic. We've seen the games, we know what Kinect is about. Do you really think people are going to spend $150 to play Kinect sports, Joyride, Kinect Adventures, etc? All these types of games have been available on the Wii for almost 4 years now, and the Wii itself is just a little over $150 - and that's for the entire console.

Motion control isn't new. Web cam games aren't new. We've seen this all before. We've had web cam games on the PC for over a decade now and they never caught on. Sony had the playstation eye toy with similar games and it never caught on. This isn't even Microsoft's first crack at releasing a camera attachment for the 360. All the marketing in the world isn't going to stop people from going "Huh. So, it's like the Wii, is it?"

The people all exited by Kinect and these forums - is it because you honestly can't wait to jump up and down on a virtual river raft for hours on end or is it just the promise of something new for your Xbox 360? I just don't understand why anyone thinks this is going to do well. To reiterate - it's a $150 web cam to play Wii type games. I just don't understand how this appeals to anyone over the age of 10.

Crapple2508d ago

Darkride, if you think that Kinect is "essentially a web cam" then you clearly have a massive misunderstanding of what Kinect is, and what it is doing. Thus I must take everything you say with a pinch of salt. Kinect does have a webcam in it, but it is mostly used for taking pictures and video footage. The actual technology uses an IR projector and a 3D depth sensor.

LostDjinn2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Crapple, WTH are you talking about?

The only "sensors" kinect has in it are CMOS sensors. Guess what? Every digital camera has one. Kinect has two cameras in it but only one functions at a time.

One is a RBG webcam with a res of 640x480 that cycles at 30hz. The other is an IR webcam (they just add an IR diode to a really crappy webcam for this) with a res of 320x240 that also cycles at 30hz. Apart from the mic's, that's all the processing you get from the kinect unit. All pixel analysis is handled on the 360's CPU in the form of an algorithm.

Now about that IR "projector" (LOL) you're talking about. It's a weak IR laser fired through a diffuser (the little plastic nipple looking thing). Can I ask what the point of having a polarized IR beam is when you just scatter it anyway? An IR LED would reduce parts required (no diffuser needed), cut power use and extend the life of the light source.

If I might ask, I'd like to know why you would lie? Do you have something to gain by spreading BS?

Edit: To everyone else: You do realise that this "article" is just and Ad telling you to preorder kinect don't you? Didn't any of you read it?

BIoodmask how did you get this crap past the mod's?

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niceguywii602508d ago

Kinect selling out with soccer moms and other casuals fighting over these at retail is common sense. This is why people hate Kinect so much because it will spark Wii-like adoption. Wii being in Hospitals and retirement homes will be a thing of the past compared to controller-less fitness.

MSFT will sell 8 million 360 world wide in the next 4-5 months.

KillerPwned2508d ago

8 million? Eh that is a little to much in 4-5 months now if we where talking about the 3DS then i would say 4-5 AH! a max of 3 months.

goosepoose2508d ago

i AM pretty sure people will be selling kinetic on ebay for cheap by xmas. second hand kinetic for xmas gift, no one wil know

Sevir042508d ago

and making it so that you want to get it. :-) i'm sure they'll spend in the upwards of $70-$100m to promote this thing like the second coming of jesus!!! the exorbitant spending of MS is going to be in full force Nov 3/4 this year!!! I full expect them to sell out and then just a month or 2 later there will be returned kinects selling at discounted price because people are disgruntled with poorly made games and a peripheral that doesn't work as advertised! we shall see.

shadyiswin2508d ago

Where on earth can you return electronics after 30 days? Most will be used for xmas, that would be upwards to 60 days old, not mention I don't know any place that takes back open electronics except costco.

logikil2508d ago

Sheep? Why exactly, because they choose to go out and spend money on something that they may want? By that logic, anything you purchase short of the absolute necessities to live makes you a sheep.

siyrobbo2508d ago

All companies spend a hell of a lot of money on advertising. Coca cola are one, are you saying im a sheep if i buy a coca cola?

moparful992507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

@above No because you KNOW coca cola is good and a can of coke doesnt cost 150 dollars.. There has been alot of evidence lately showing kinect not performing as advertised and @150 dollars thats a risky investment.... Use common sense... Ohh and shadyiswin they give you a gift receipt with electronics and other goods purchased for christmas just in case and yes they do allow you to return hardware but not software...

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2508d ago

And just like all unwanted Christmas presents it'll get returned the next day. This comment is based on all the tech demos (not staged ones *cough* E3 *cough*) I've seen that shows just how poorly this thing preforms.

DigitalAnalog2508d ago

But Asia/Japan territories.

Sorry MS, but Kinect's pretty f*cked up over here. Unless of your course you can "magically" give me 8 feet of space between me and my couch.

-End statement

shadyiswin2508d ago

It's 6ft away smart ass who isn't smart, and it works fine 4 ft away, for the best experience it's best to be 6ft away, not that hard of a concept to grasp, if you can wii bowl you can play kinect, very simple.

DigitalAnalog2507d ago

6-8 feet my friend. And it's all part of the marketing stategy, if it can't work at 6ft then they have an excuse to use the "8 feet max" excuse.

You can cry to the heavens if you want, I can play Wii bowling within 4 feet of space. I've even seen Kinect in action where the demonstrator was even beyond 8 feet just to get it right.

That doesn't change the fact it doesn't suit well in Asia/Japan territories.

-End statement

vhero2508d ago

Sell more than move?? Are you mad?? Nothing to do with you being a total fanboy here but look at the logic most people will be buying 2 Move controllers to play games whereas MS will be selling just 1 Kinect per console the other thing is the price of this is a bad point every friend I have with a 360 has already said they are not getting this purely because of the price alone.

logikil2508d ago

You're going to use cost as a factor when you are saying your friends intend to pick up two move controllers to play? Those two controller put you at the same cost as Kinect. Also, the "all my friends" argument is hilarious. Obviously you and your friends are entirely indicative of every consumer who may consider Kinect, right? Come on.

BillOreilly2508d ago

you my friend are mad it well outsell move on day one and probably 5 times the amount of move by xmas this is the hot shit this year everyone i know is talking about it and my little cousins want one its very popular

moparful992507d ago

Did you all even see the article on here where they compared internet tracking activity for the two and move had a 2:1 ratio in ever region except mexico? Or how about the revised search for microsoft kinect that yielded a 10:1 result in favor of move.. YOur "everyone is talking about kinect" is microsoft flooding the advertising channels with kinect information.. They always do this to generate faux hype...

EVILDEAD3602508d ago

Micrsoft's strategy of releasing Kinect in November is spot on. Kinect pre-orders will max out by launch and when the marketing campaign finally kicks in the replinishment will sell through by the end of Black Friday.

I own a Move and after my second weekend with it I have come to realize that Micrsoft was brilliant for going in a different direction.

If they Market Kinectimals to the parents of young kids..Just Dance through MTV/Nick to the teens and keep pushing the family atmosphere + the minority report dash and Kinect might outdue many of the expectations out there..but only time will tell

All I know is I will be picking up my one


avengers19782508d ago

NO not if MS is smart they will have far more then they think will sell. IF no one can find one in the beging then they may end up passing. Move is getting great word of mouth from the people that are using it, but will the same happen for Kinect.
I'm not saying that it won't but imagine that you couldn't find one, but then everyone you know that did tells you not to get one, are you really goning to buy one then.
I am not saying Kinect won't be successful, but it would be in MS's best interest to get as many out as possible(THAT ACTUALLY WORK)

tatotiburon2508d ago

"Almost any new gaming console or perhaps video games device which is released sells out and the demand usually outweighs supply."....LMAO tell that to sony with it's "Move"

moparful992507d ago

Hmm didnt know nealy 400,000 units in 4 days was weak? Hmm my entire perception of sales has been wrong this whole time? Thank you soooo much..../s

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Lou Ferrigno2508d ago

im curious to see if peeps will either buy just kinect itself of the 360 bundle?.. ya never know yet,we will have to find out in november.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

For $400 +tax in a down economy? Maybe the top 2% richest ones might but the rest....nah.

shadyiswin2508d ago

I'm not rich, I've just been putting money down every week, not that hard to scramble up $20-50 a week when your working, if your not working then you don't need kinect you a job.