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Submitted by BIoodmask 1947d ago | opinion piece

Will Kinect Sell Out at Christmas?

Xbox kinect will most likely be massive. Almost any new gaming console or perhaps video games device which is released sells out and the demand usually outweighs supply. Combine that with the point that kinect is going to be presented the calendar month ahead of christmas time and the actual outcome can just mean one thing. (Industry, Kinect, Xbox 360)

jay2  +   1947d ago
Yeah, or maybe M$ will make 100,000 world wide and fake it's sold out who knows/cares.
MrMccormo  +   1947d ago
"Sell out" and "sell a lot" are two completely different things. Gamers seem to forget that, which companies like Microsoft like to take advantage of in order to brag "WE SOLD OUT! WE SOLD OUT! Do you hear that, our shareholder-gamer-customers?&q uot;
Bigpappy  +   1947d ago
M$ said they would like to sell 5mil by year end
With that, I expect them to have about 3 Mil at launch and then try a replemish the hot spots. It will sell out in the US then we will have to wait for the world wide launch to finish before they can replemish. So may be early December they will have another shipment of 2-3 mil more. These are not DVD where they can just have copies made in a few days.
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360RRODFIX  +   1947d ago
well it will sell more then move thats for sure, due to hype and better marketing but i wonder if it will continue to sell few months from launch.
Imperator  +   1947d ago
They will not sell 5 million by the end of the year. Not even 3 million. They'll be lucky if they reach a million. Fact is, the 360 is only relevant in the U.S. and I doubt 1/4 of the 360's American install base is gonna rush out to buy Kinect.
RBlaze  +   1947d ago
Who has told you that the 360 is only relevant in the US? I quote the most recent (approximate) sales figures for the current year for the main areas of Europe (PS3 Numbers; X360 Numbers):

UK 402,564; 823,996
France 367,825; 322,424
Germany 278,943; 250,232
Spain 218,033; 144,574
Italy 319,125; 246,619
Scandinavia 114,202; 121,338
Other Europe 297,175; 217,105

Approximate numbers here suggest that the 360 actually outsold the PS3 in Europe. These numbers are probably a little off, so to account for that let us assume that the numbers are practically even.

What I am saying, is that the Xbox is just as relevant in Europe as the PS3... Your statement is the same as suggesting that 'The PS3 is only relevant in Japan'... Just because you say it, doesn't make it true... Check your facts.


As many have said, something selling out is purely relative. If MS release 100 Kinect Sensors, then the Kinect will sell out. This makes the question a little strange. We should ask if Kinect will sell well! I have no idea!! I know that I will be waiting a few months to see what else it can play. If it gets good publisher support, I can see Kinect doing great things... MS's biggest problem is publisher support and price... If it gets those two right, there will be no reason for Kinect to not become Huge.

EDIT: Also, before I get disagrees... All the numbers I have quoted are near fact... My idea of Kinect sales potential is the only thing that can be in question...
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lowcarb  +   1947d ago
Good try Imperator but not good enough. Maybe in your world Japan is everything but in the real world 360 has been constantly building momentum. Kinect will sell out no doubt but wha will be interesting is to see just how much longer 360 can out sell Wii in the US.
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Anon1974  +   1946d ago
I just can't see this selling well.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. We're talking about $150 for what's essentially a web cam to play Wii type games on the 360. I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble here but let's be realistic. We've seen the games, we know what Kinect is about. Do you really think people are going to spend $150 to play Kinect sports, Joyride, Kinect Adventures, etc? All these types of games have been available on the Wii for almost 4 years now, and the Wii itself is just a little over $150 - and that's for the entire console.

Motion control isn't new. Web cam games aren't new. We've seen this all before. We've had web cam games on the PC for over a decade now and they never caught on. Sony had the playstation eye toy with similar games and it never caught on. This isn't even Microsoft's first crack at releasing a camera attachment for the 360. All the marketing in the world isn't going to stop people from going "Huh. So, it's like the Wii, is it?"

The people all exited by Kinect and these forums - is it because you honestly can't wait to jump up and down on a virtual river raft for hours on end or is it just the promise of something new for your Xbox 360? I just don't understand why anyone thinks this is going to do well. To reiterate - it's a $150 web cam to play Wii type games. I just don't understand how this appeals to anyone over the age of 10.
Crapple  +   1946d ago
Darkride, if you think that Kinect is "essentially a web cam" then you clearly have a massive misunderstanding of what Kinect is, and what it is doing. Thus I must take everything you say with a pinch of salt. Kinect does have a webcam in it, but it is mostly used for taking pictures and video footage. The actual technology uses an IR projector and a 3D depth sensor.
LostDjinn  +   1946d ago
Crapple, WTH are you talking about?

The only "sensors" kinect has in it are CMOS sensors. Guess what? Every digital camera has one. Kinect has two cameras in it but only one functions at a time.

One is a RBG webcam with a res of 640x480 that cycles at 30hz. The other is an IR webcam (they just add an IR diode to a really crappy webcam for this) with a res of 320x240 that also cycles at 30hz. Apart from the mic's, that's all the processing you get from the kinect unit. All pixel analysis is handled on the 360's CPU in the form of an algorithm.

Now about that IR "projector" (LOL) you're talking about. It's a weak IR laser fired through a diffuser (the little plastic nipple looking thing). Can I ask what the point of having a polarized IR beam is when you just scatter it anyway? An IR LED would reduce parts required (no diffuser needed), cut power use and extend the life of the light source.

If I might ask, I'd like to know why you would lie? Do you have something to gain by spreading BS?

Edit: To everyone else: You do realise that this "article" is just and Ad telling you to preorder kinect don't you? Didn't any of you read it?

BIoodmask how did you get this crap past the mod's?
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niceguywii60  +   1947d ago
Kinect selling out with soccer moms and other casuals fighting over these at retail is common sense. This is why people hate Kinect so much because it will spark Wii-like adoption. Wii being in Hospitals and retirement homes will be a thing of the past compared to controller-less fitness.

MSFT will sell 8 million 360 world wide in the next 4-5 months.
KillerPwned  +   1947d ago
8 million? Eh that is a little to much in 4-5 months now if we where talking about the 3DS then i would say 4-5 AH! a max of 3 months.
goosepoose  +   1946d ago
i AM pretty sure people will be selling kinetic on ebay for cheap by xmas. second hand kinetic for xmas gift, no one wil know
Sevir04  +   1947d ago
I'm sure the sheep will buy it. MS has a way of marketing crap
and making it so that you want to get it. :-) i'm sure they'll spend in the upwards of $70-$100m to promote this thing like the second coming of jesus!!! the exorbitant spending of MS is going to be in full force Nov 3/4 this year!!! I full expect them to sell out and then just a month or 2 later there will be returned kinects selling at discounted price because people are disgruntled with poorly made games and a peripheral that doesn't work as advertised! we shall see.
shadyiswin  +   1946d ago
Where on earth can you return electronics after 30 days? Most will be used for xmas, that would be upwards to 60 days old, not mention I don't know any place that takes back open electronics except costco.
logikil  +   1946d ago
Sheep? Why exactly, because they choose to go out and spend money on something that they may want? By that logic, anything you purchase short of the absolute necessities to live makes you a sheep.
siyrobbo  +   1946d ago
All companies spend a hell of a lot of money on advertising. Coca cola are one, are you saying im a sheep if i buy a coca cola?
moparful99  +   1946d ago
@above No because you KNOW coca cola is good and a can of coke doesnt cost 150 dollars.. There has been alot of evidence lately showing kinect not performing as advertised and @150 dollars thats a risky investment.... Use common sense... Ohh and shadyiswin they give you a gift receipt with electronics and other goods purchased for christmas just in case and yes they do allow you to return hardware but not software...
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Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1947d ago
And just like all unwanted Christmas presents it'll get returned the next day. This comment is based on all the tech demos (not staged ones *cough* E3 *cough*) I've seen that shows just how poorly this thing preforms.
DigitalAnalog  +   1946d ago
I won't comment on US sales
But Asia/Japan territories.

Sorry MS, but Kinect's pretty f*cked up over here. Unless of your course you can "magically" give me 8 feet of space between me and my couch.

-End statement
shadyiswin  +   1946d ago
It's 6ft away smart ass who isn't smart, and it works fine 4 ft away, for the best experience it's best to be 6ft away, not that hard of a concept to grasp, if you can wii bowl you can play kinect, very simple.
DigitalAnalog  +   1946d ago

6-8 feet my friend. And it's all part of the marketing stategy, if it can't work at 6ft then they have an excuse to use the "8 feet max" excuse.

You can cry to the heavens if you want, I can play Wii bowling within 4 feet of space. I've even seen Kinect in action where the demonstrator was even beyond 8 feet just to get it right.

That doesn't change the fact it doesn't suit well in Asia/Japan territories.

-End statement
vhero  +   1946d ago
Sell more than move?? Are you mad?? Nothing to do with you being a total fanboy here but look at the logic most people will be buying 2 Move controllers to play games whereas MS will be selling just 1 Kinect per console the other thing is the price of this is a bad point every friend I have with a 360 has already said they are not getting this purely because of the price alone.
logikil  +   1946d ago
You're going to use cost as a factor when you are saying your friends intend to pick up two move controllers to play? Those two controller put you at the same cost as Kinect. Also, the "all my friends" argument is hilarious. Obviously you and your friends are entirely indicative of every consumer who may consider Kinect, right? Come on.
BillOreilly  +   1946d ago
you my friend are mad it well outsell move on day one and probably 5 times the amount of move by xmas this is the hot shit this year everyone i know is talking about it and my little cousins want one its very popular
moparful99  +   1946d ago
Did you all even see the article on here where they compared internet tracking activity for the two and move had a 2:1 ratio in ever region except mexico? Or how about the revised search for microsoft kinect that yielded a 10:1 result in favor of move.. YOur "everyone is talking about kinect" is microsoft flooding the advertising channels with kinect information.. They always do this to generate faux hype...
EVILDEAD360  +   1946d ago
Kinect WILL sell through this Christmas
Micrsoft's strategy of releasing Kinect in November is spot on. Kinect pre-orders will max out by launch and when the marketing campaign finally kicks in the replinishment will sell through by the end of Black Friday.

I own a Move and after my second weekend with it I have come to realize that Micrsoft was brilliant for going in a different direction.

If they Market Kinectimals to the parents of young kids..Just Dance through MTV/Nick to the teens and keep pushing the family atmosphere + the minority report dash and Kinect might outdue many of the expectations out there..but only time will tell

All I know is I will be picking up my one

avengers1978  +   1946d ago
NO not if MS is smart they will have far more then they think will sell. IF no one can find one in the beging then they may end up passing. Move is getting great word of mouth from the people that are using it, but will the same happen for Kinect.
I'm not saying that it won't but imagine that you couldn't find one, but then everyone you know that did tells you not to get one, are you really goning to buy one then.
I am not saying Kinect won't be successful, but it would be in MS's best interest to get as many out as possible(THAT ACTUALLY WORK)
tatotiburon  +   1946d ago
"Almost any new gaming console or perhaps video games device which is released sells out and the demand usually outweighs supply."....LMAO tell that to sony with it's "Move"
moparful99  +   1946d ago
Hmm didnt know nealy 400,000 units in 4 days was weak? Hmm my entire perception of sales has been wrong this whole time? Thank you soooo much..../s
Crapple  +   1946d ago
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Lou Ferrigno  +   1947d ago
im curious to see if peeps will either buy just kinect itself of the 360 bundle?.. ya never know yet,we will have to find out in november.
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1946d ago
For $400 +tax in a down economy? Maybe the top 2% richest ones might but the rest....nah.
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shadyiswin  +   1946d ago
I'm not rich, I've just been putting money down every week, not that hard to scramble up $20-50 a week when your working, if your not working then you don't need kinect you a job.
moparful99  +   1946d ago
LOL at shady when that line of logic was used by early adopters of the ps3 we were laughed at and called a bunch of sony sheep.... Look its apparent that you prefer the 360 and you will do what it takes to get one but the rest of the world doesnt operate like that.....
knifefight  +   1947d ago
Yeah because parents will buy it for their kids because parents are stupid and buy anything.
aviator189  +   1947d ago
Oh, really?
Because parents buy something that their kids will enjoy, they're stupid? Yeah, that makes complete sense...
avatarshoe   1947d ago | Spam
aviator189  +   1947d ago
you do realize that kinect is mainly being targeted to the casual audience? those are the majority of the parents and small kids out there. do you really think that they could care much how they will look while playing something they think is fun?
360RRODFIX  +   1947d ago
Parents are stupid if they buy Kinect, but if they buy Move then they are intelligent and wise.
gamingdroid  +   1947d ago
Because moving a glowing orb that looks like a dildo is any better. What about this video?

Get over it, people aren't afraid to get embarrassed when enjoying themselves. Wii has already proven that!
logikil  +   1946d ago
I don't even understand the embarrassment argument anyway. Are you planning to play in a stadium in front of thousands of people?? No, you are in your home with family and friends. People do a hell of a lot more embarrassing things, like getting drunk for instance. Anyone who plays games like Lips or Singstar isn't going to care and that's a pretty big audience.
XboxOrphan   1947d ago | Spam
TheMART  +   1947d ago
Its simple:

PS3 + moveset (cam + 1 PLAYER move) is 399
360 + Kinect is 299

Kinect will sell a lot as its something new also in the eyes of the consumer, from a controller like the Wii, to your body as a controller. The average customer will see the Move as a Wii-too clone and twice as expensive to buy the package compared to the 200 dollar Wii.

Oh and don't forget, the poster of this article himself will buy 10.000 Kinects to make sure they'll sell fast. Hey there Bloodmask!
plb  +   1947d ago
That $299 gets you only an arcade system with 4gb hd. Not even sufficient to play Halo Reach co-op. Plus you have to factor in the $60 for Live plus you only get the one game kinect adventures which looks quite horrid imo. Should have at least bundled it with Kinect sports.
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Bigpappy  +   1947d ago
I don't think people buying kinect 4Gig bundles are buying Halo
Many casuals will only buy Kinect games, watch Move, Chat and use dash board apps like ESPN. People like my Kids will be downloading arcade games and demo's. They already use my 360 more than the Wii, so I kown what they like. But Kinect is all they talk about now. I will suprise them with the 250Gig bundle.

M$ knows Kinect sports will sell very well on is own, and kinect has its own hype. I would have loved if K-Sports was part of the package but I understand why it is not.
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The Maxx  +   1947d ago
@ plb

You don't need LIVE for Kinect. Also there are over 1000 games to play on the 360 where a 4gb is more than enough to play.
vhero  +   1946d ago
You don't need live for Kinect I agree but a 360 without live doesn't work..
BillOreilly  +   1946d ago
um nobody cares if its 4gigs...4gigs is enough to save games and get some arcade games, thats why they call it he ARCADE lol you can run in music and listen while you play it does everything a 250gb does and you do know the 360 uses flash drives to expand to 20gb+ right. The only people who care the arcade is 4gb are sony fanboys lol
The Maxx  +   1945d ago
@ vhero
My Xbox works just fine without Xbox Live. Every game I own has a single player campaign as well as a split screen for multiplayer. You don't need XBL for your 360 to work. You are just trying to tack on extra cost that are not necessary in order to have a functional console.
bustamove  +   1947d ago
No. Just no.
Hellsvacancy  +   1947d ago
I clicked agree by accident, im such a loser
acky1  +   1947d ago
I think you might be right about joe public seeing move as a wii-clone and think of that negatively...luckily for me I realise that's a good thing cos it will add a lot to the games I play on ps3.

You're also right that people will see kinect as new tech and revolutionary when infact it is very similar to the eyetoy. That's not very fair for move (or the eyetoy for that matter) seeing as it looks like a good product with some great games to come but that's what will happen.

The only thing which might hinder kinect is the price, and also the fact that the wii audience already own a wii therefore might not want to invest in another motion controller.
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KillerPwned  +   1947d ago
Personally i think for anyone who buys this for the family will be happy that seems what it is ment to be right now something for the family. As for Gamers i feel they will all be left disappointed till the lineup of games improves. Kinect will sell deff to the families but other then that right now i don`t see much market in it for gamers that is if they play it smart and just wait a little bit. But if someone wants to get it more power to them and i hope they enjoy it. The device seems promising but right now i think its best to wait till some other games come out that really take advantage of kinect.
moparful99  +   1946d ago
Microsoft is going to have a hard time selling 360's to the casuals after the rrod fiasco... It was public enough to make prime time news so yea I can gurantee you that this will play into consumers perception and with the option of move there its not so cut and dry... You all are putting alot of stock into anything micrsoft does....
nygamer28  +   1947d ago
i hate to admit it but most likely,theres lot of buzz around it
Crapple  +   1947d ago
Well they haven't really started their aggressive ad campaign yet, and they don't have the advantage of word of mouth from owners, yet pre-orders are already sold out at Gamestop (online and in-stores) and NewEgg, plus a great many UK retail websites I visit can no longer guarantee launch delivery, and stores like GameStation and Game are giving such warnings to avoid a "christmas disappointment". It isn't really that common for such devices to create such a retail buzz, usually only new Nintendo hardware, so clearly pre-orders are very strong. These are facts -- go to any retail site or store in question to see evidence of such demand, I can only imagine the "disagree" folks are Sony fanboys in denial that Kinect is going to be a raging success this holiday, whether you like it or not, and personally, as a PS3/360 owner, I don't give a shit about Kinect, but I can see that it is going to do the exact opposite of 'flop'.

With regards to selling out though, it depends how many units Microsoft have ready, and whether they can meet demand. They might be creating a bottleneck at launch to create media attention, and then flood the market in time for Christmas shoppers.
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Stealth20k  +   1947d ago
preorders havent sold out in any ingame gamestop ive been too

between 5-8

In fact there were more move preorders but the overal numbers were so tiny.....

And remember sales dont equal something thats good
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Crapple  +   1947d ago
The article isn't called "Will Kinect be good this Christmas". I won't judge it's quality until I've played it, unlike some, but the evidence thus far shows that a holiday success is very likely in terms of sales. A sellout? Maybe a stretch, but totally possible.
feelintheflow  +   1947d ago
Yes, all gamestops are out of pre-orders
I was at my gamestop when the email hit the shop that the next day was the last day to take any pre-orders. There was an article on here about that a few days ago. Do some research before you troll please.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1947d ago
"And remember sales dont equal something thats good"

Define good. You may like a music band that i don't like, that doesn't mean one is better than the other. So who are you to say if someone buys Kinect and loves it while you hate it that it is now not a good product? Sounds like a self-absorbed opinion trying to state a fact.

Kinect so far is not aimed at the hardcore community and to me that's ok. The hardcore are like us who go on forums. The thing is the XBOX 360 already caters to the hardcore. There are a ton of games out and coming out for us. Brink, Call of Duty, Need for Speed and so on. It's obvious Microsoft wants to branch out and get a wider userbase. After all many still consider the XBOX 360 a shooter platform.

Damned if you do damned if you don't, is that it?
jerethdagryphon  +   1947d ago
in all 5 of the shops i frequent and buy games kinect pre orders total less then 50 thats a total for all shops
theres also a whole bunch of slim 360s being traded in already
MsmackyM  +   1947d ago
I stopped by Gamez Unleashed...
I stopped by Gamez Unleashed to buy some used Game Cube games for my 2yr old. Saw that they had Kinect for pre-order, so I asked if they had a lot of pre-orders. The clerk said no and he thought they would sell better. Also on another note, they had 3 Move starter packs and were sold out of the stand alone.
vhero  +   1946d ago
As for your "avoid a christmas disappointment" bit they put that on the wii last year too that hasn't sold out since the first year.. They always put that hell they put it on the Move too and that didn't sell out even though it sold extremely well. As for pre-orders well they mean nothing as it cost nothing to pre-order and you have no obligation to collect your pre-order and pay for it on launch date.
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dkgshiz  +   1947d ago
Highly doubt it.
Is there even a demand at all for Kinect? I dont see many people jumping on board with it. Not many 3rd party companies are investing in it either.
Crapple  +   1947d ago
Third party companies working on announced Kinect software: Konami, Namco-Bandai, Harmonix, EA, Ubisoft, SEGA, THQ, Grasshopper Manufacture, NanaOn-Sha, Grounding Inc, Lucas Arts, From Software, Capcom, Blitz Games, Majesco, Frontier Development, 2K Sports, Warner Bros, Hudson Soft, Farsight Studios, Crave Entertainment, Mindscape.
vhero  +   1946d ago
How many of those companys have games from launch though?? Most will be waiting to see initial sales first before actually investing in games.
Stealth20k  +   1947d ago
The 3ds will sell almost 10 million in 2 months.....thats massive

They are estimating 4 million in japan in february

and then another 4 or so million when it hits worldwide
#9 (Edited 1947d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
dkgshiz  +   1947d ago
How could anyone predict that? It wont sell 10 million units in 2 months.
plb  +   1947d ago
Seems quite plausible really. Ever been to Japan before? Adults and kids alike have handhelds. I spent 6 months there and during lunch all the Japanese guys I worked with all broke out gameboys to play.
shadyiswin  +   1946d ago
The 3ds will not sell that much lol, it's already having price backlash, I myself am not into handhelds anymore. My galaxy phone is my console of choice with a genesis, snes, nes, and psx and coming soon an n64 emulator, I dont need handhelds, especially for $299.
asyouburn  +   1947d ago
Does a Bear Sh1t in the Woods?
this thing is gonna sell thru the roof
BrutallyBlunt  +   1947d ago
I expect it to sell well
Here's the thing, if we went by what people say here or on other forums it's bound for complete failure. Yet the same can be said about games like Halo Reach and Call of Duty. There is a segment of the gaming population who wants to make it appear as if they speak on behalf of most people. That's not really the case when we go by sales figures in the end.

The Playstation 3 went through a bunch of criticisms early on (and it still does today but it's much less) but low and behold the system proved itself and came into it's own. I see the same thing happening now with Kinect where there is a loud voice stating how terrible Kinect is, yet how many have actually tried it? Is this retribution from the Sony community for what happened with the Playstation 3? Are we expecting too much early on for Kinect? Do we just want it to fail because we like controller based games?

Personally i think Kinect is a product that must be played first before we can form any opinion on it. I do know Microsoft will be advertising the hell out of it though. The thing that sets Kinect apart is that the games so far are made for Kinect, they are not existing games with Kinect support added on. To me this is very important on getting consumers to buy it. Sure later on we may have Fable 3 or Forza with Kinect added on, but so far the line-up makes good use of the device that can't really be replicated on a regular controller.
#11 (Edited 1947d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ASTAROTH  +   1947d ago
because 360 fans buy every crap MS throw at them. Specially with the marketing it has received. Some people see it as the second coming in gaming!!!. Incredible.
plb  +   1947d ago
Kind of like Apple fanboys
MaximusPrime  +   1947d ago
wonder what early adopters of HDDVD drive thinking right now.
RBlaze  +   1947d ago
Probably the same as the guys who bought into minidisc and betamax...
BrutallyBlunt  +   1946d ago
Probably how much money they saved like me who ordered HDDVD movies on E-Bay that cost less than the DVD version. You act as if competition doesn't have a positive affect. If that were the case the Playstation 3 would likely not be $299 now. However those who wanted to invest in HD movies did not want multiple formats like we see in gaming. That doesn't mean those HDDVD players and movies all of the sudden don't work.
DeathGazer  +   1947d ago
It'll sell out due to inflated hype.

Then (hopefully) people will begin to notice how crappy and overpriced it really is.
Motorola  +   1947d ago
There is only one answer: Depends on how many are made. Probably a low number at release to experiment, then a higher or lower number depending on how the first batch does. :D
konspiracy187  +   1947d ago
I hope it sells well..
Create more competition between the Move & Wii. Microsoft will market to no end for it, but will it manage to cut into the wii's fanbase?. As always, playing sales- what about the quality?
lowcarb  +   1946d ago
Well know about quality after it's released and had a few months to prove itself. Sales talk has been going on for years so I don't understand how now all of a sudden it matters.
RyuDrinksTheDew  +   1947d ago
i dont doubt it will sell like crazy...

...people are pretty stupid nowadays.
slutface  +   1947d ago
I just wanna see all the disappointed faces after they get kinect. The requirement list is just ridiculous!
lowcarb  +   1946d ago
Actually Iwould love to see your face in disbelief that you were wrong to judge so early. People like you are the reason I purchased Xbox over PS2 to begin with. Lucky for me I did. :)
asyouburn  +   1946d ago
why do you let others opinions
dictate what games you buy and play? i read that as, i missed a ton of great games on ps2 bc of random internet poster 46
MaximusPrime  +   1947d ago
i think it will sell out.

then after a month... hello? MS WHERE ARE THE DECENT GAMES?
Justin_bristoe  +   1947d ago
ill tell u one thing
u wont be playing RE5 gold HR mag kz3 socom or sorcery on kinect...halo fable or gears either for that matter lol
Justin_bristoe  +   1947d ago
have fun
with river splash and kick ball for half an hour!!
asyouburn  +   1947d ago
the Kevin Bacon Simulator

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lowcarb  +   1946d ago
And you wont be playing Steel Battalions, project d, project Orta, or any other true exclusives coming to Kinect without buying one. I'm going to laugh at all you guys this holiday as you spin the world round and round.
asyouburn  +   1946d ago
i have the original steel battalion
and that junk was hard even with a 200 button controller. i have no idea how its gonna work with no buttons
Justin_bristoe  +   1946d ago
the definitive kevin bacon simulator lol
asyouburn  +   1946d ago
dance central, too
truly the "definative" kevin bacon console accessory!

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KillerPwned  +   1947d ago
I may just preorder one just so i can sell it on ebay for a good price and make some profit.
etownone  +   1947d ago
very smart!
etownone  +   1947d ago
so many Kinnect/360 haters ...

So let me see if i got this right, if Kinnect sells out, it will be because: (and these are quotes from above)

A. M$ will make 100,000 world wide and fake it's sold out

B. because 360 fans buy every crap MS throw at them

C. It'll sell out due to inflated hype.

D. because parents will buy it for their kids because parents are stupid and buy anything

E. most likely, theres lot of buzz around it

geez ... idk .. ever think maybe cause it seems like a totally new fresh idea with innovative games to draw in more casuals and even some hardcore, by giving gamers an experience at a relatively low price that only Kinnect can do?

nah ... that would make too much sense.
#21 (Edited 1947d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
punisher99  +   1946d ago
"geez ... idk .. ever think maybe cause it seems like a totally new fresh idea with innovative games to draw in more casuals and even some hardcore, by giving gamers an experience at a relatively low price that only Kinnect can do?"

The problem with this is that its not doing anything new. Nor is it even showing any hardcore games just yet.
etownone  +   1946d ago
Big difference between eyetoy and Kinnect, but why bother explaining, i'm sure you know.

some hardcore games FYI:
Project Draco
Rise of the Nightmares
Radiant Silvergun
codename D
Steel Battalion
blackburn5  +   1947d ago
Everyone keeps saying that Move and Kinect will sell out. What does it matter if after Chirstmas you no longer want to play it or you give it back once the general excitement wears off? The true test is how many people still have the motion control afterwards. You can't sell games to people if they no longer have the device or don't want to play it anymore. We have no idea if either Move or Kinect has the staying power of Wii and we are already counting sales for Xmas and next year. I like the Move but like someone said unlike Wii they don't have enough familiar games at launch. Same goes for Kinect. The only thing they have familiar or even close to something with a personality is Sonic and one of the crappiest kind of Sonic games out there.Everything else is a bunch of bland avatars.Move has a slight advantage because it is intergrated into familiar series like KZ, LBP, Ape Escape and Dead Space but Sony should have had more of these at launch to draw in the fans.Maybe they both will survive but we will see
punisher99  +   1946d ago
"Will Kinect Sell Out at Christmas?"

Who knows. Maybe. But does it really matter to actual gamers anyway? If it sells out, will the games automatically be better than they already are??
Counter Strike  +   1946d ago
LEts wait till NPD numbers
if Kinect Adventures sells 2M in November and 2M in December than Kinect will sell out. Plus ALL europe Kinect is going to be massive here on EU.
prettyboy1  +   1946d ago
ummm who knows
i nkow 1 thing for sure,u people that keep sayin soccer moms will buy u might want to rethink that
poopnscoop  +   1946d ago
Course it will.
blackburn5  +   1946d ago
Not sure why all the disagrees. Everyone seems to think that their is some magic spell keeping people from returning motion controls if I am not satisfied with them. Both Move and Kinect have unfamiliar games in their line up. Kinect has almost nothing that anyone recognizes. Wii had Zelda, Mario and Metroid to lead the way for them while Kinect has lifless avatars and stick figures. When the holidays are over we will see which one has the staying power to keep people entertained. Sales won't matter in the least if you can't keep the consumer entertained long enough. Boasting about sales right now is pointless
#27 (Edited 1946d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
IQUITN4G  +   1946d ago
Kinect will be a massive pain in Sony's arse

360 is doing remarkably better than anyone would have ever predicted some 5 years ago and despite some elite views from PS3 owners that they have the better games on their better machine etc, it hurts deep down to know Sony has lost a huge ammount of ground and is 3rd

Sony will have a hard time against Kinect and really i'm rather glad.A more even share for all 3 systems is all surely anybody wants and that huge majority Sony once had, i'm very glad to say is more fairly distributed this gen

I favour the one format as it would do away with a lot of silly fanboy rubbish altogether, but it's unlikely
#28 (Edited 1946d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
KratosGod3  +   1946d ago
I think Kinect will be a huge success. The thing is, the average consumer doesn't read up articles on the hardware online, they don't see videos and hands-on reports that the tech doesn't work correctly or that there aren't really any games. All the average consumer will see for Kinect is the advertising campaign which Microsoft will no doubt have a lot of cash to spend on, and that's what will see its success at the end of the day. No doubt there will be a lot of buyers remorse when people realize that it doesn't work as advertised, but it will sell a tremendous amount regardless.

I mean this is the same company that released a broken console, sold millions, and then got everybody who purchased it within the first year to go out and buy the console a second time (be it an Elite or a Slim). They're absolute geniuses at selling products, and I'm positive that they will have all of those exact same people lining up to buy Kinect. It's a guaranteed success.
But, after all I wouldn't call them 'absolute geniuses at selling products'. I'd call the people who have purchased several of the consoles idiots for supporting a company who clearly didn't value their customers enough to treat them to a quality product. Kinect may do well simply because Microsoft will do what Microsoft is good at, and that is advertising. Clearly if they pump enough money into that, they will reach the masses who have been proven in the past to not read up or be knowledgeable on many purchases and merely get it because they saw it on TV.

I'm not saying everyone falls into this category but many do when it comes to electronics. The problem with Kinect is that from all the videos it just doesn't look good, lags etc. Word of mouth will eventually kill the product if it doesn't live up to expectations.
IQUITN4G  +   1946d ago
Personally i prefer Move and it's traditional kind of set up.But with that said, i really don't want to wave a controller around when i can just move my thumbs to play these games.If i'm to play motion control then i'd much rather if was without a controller.I'd also much rather control games using my mind than by my body but that level of control isn't really here yet

Like you said, Kinect will fall flat on it's face if it's genuinely devoid of any fun to speak of but i see a simple type of fun from Kinect- one that strips away the barrier for those that don't normally play games.The so called true gamers will make up a smaller percentage of potential casuals here i suspect anyway

The types of games on offer with Kinect make lag something you figure in your way of play so you then account for it anyway- as is the case for lots of things like this in fact including games themselves- only not all of them
#30 (Edited 1946d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply

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