BioShock draws attention for 'killing' little girls

The local Massachusetts paper where Irrational Games is based examines the shock value and moral dilemma of killing characters that resemble young girls in the recently released BioShock for Xbox 360 and PC.

Steve Adams of Quincy's Patriot ledger writes, "[BioShock] is testing the limits of the ultraviolent gaming genre with a strategy that enables player to kill characters resembling young girls."

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thereapersson4135d ago

Man, people will target ANYTHING nowadays if they can somehow apply their bleeding heart mantra to it.

ALI-G4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

yeah little girl that can suck the plasma from dead people/craters body in dead scary city under the water......

yeah that sound like typical everyday young innocent girl that goes to school and play with Barbie....

yet in movies you will c thems about such things and no one will say anything : THE RING

Robotz Rule4135d ago

It's just a videogame people:)

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Syko4135d ago

That's funny because I rescued all the little girls and was a savior to all those poor children. Check my Achievements. "Little Sister Savior". Classic example of focusing on the negative or "dark side" choice.

Cat4135d ago

yeah, but what's really at stake here is my right in real life to give a genetically mutated pre-pubescent girl trying to stir my brains with a stick a wrench to the face.

Syko4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Catastrophe, just put the wrench down. A wrench to the face is never the answer. I prefer the gas powered Shotgun =P

*Don't be a slow poke Mr. B, Angels don't wait for slowpokes*
*I see angels Mr. Bubbles..ANGELS!*

On second thought you are right, a wrench to the face it is.

Those little girls where constantly dancing in my surround speakers. They really give me the creeps those little sisters.

PS360PCROCKS4135d ago

WTF!? Their genetically mutated freaks who steal stuff from dead people's bodies through needles!!! PLUS THEY HAVE RED EYES!! If that's what your little girl Mr. "Steve Adams" looks like I feel sorry and scared for you.

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The story is too old to be commented.