Hard drive for PSP still a possibility

As with many statements by David Reeves, bigwig of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, psp fanboy left with a feeling of slight confusion and bewilderment. Even with the release of the PSP-2000 (or Slim or Lite or whatever you want to call it) on the horizon, Reeves is already implying that a different PSP is still being considered -- one with a hard drive. However, he says, the option hasn't been included yet because "flash memory is simply so cheap - you can get an 8GB Memory Stick for under 100 Euros, and on 8GB you can get a lot of content."

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g4n4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

PSP hard drive, 2005...

you could buy this from best buy for 2 years...

yet, in that time, a 4 gb memory stick is now cheaper XD

nurayi4131d ago

hard drives for mobile devices are a bad idea. flash memory is ideal, not only because it makes replacing the unit/moving your files around much simpler. but because hard drives (due to the internal moving parts) are not very ideal for anything that is sustaining rapid changes in direction. Most of my friend's including my own original IPod met with the same fate, which was that the harddrive got corrupted and was not able to spin up anymore. Flash memory is perfect, its light-weight, its small, and it has no internal moving parts. Plus with flash memory getting up to 4+GB there is no real reason for a hard drive in the psp.

This just strikes me as strange, because what does sony think hard-drives on psp are needed for. For a custom FW PSP then you would be able to put a ton of games on one HD, and this is pretty cool for that. but unless they plan on rolling out downloadable TV and movies, I dont see the average consumer without a hacked psp needing more than 2GB for thier music, photos, and save files.

MikeGdaGod4130d ago

i got a 2GB stick in mine and its not nearly enough.

think about all the ps games being released on the PSN that can be copied over to psp. more space is definately need, now how they go about it is up to them.

socomnick4130d ago

hard drive on psp = even less battery life.

djt234130d ago

hard drives for mobile devices it prove my point that psp is not gaming device but multimedia device

REbirth4130d ago

yeah BUT...the flash memory for psp in portugal cost 159€...thats 217$! i don't think that is cheap