Nintendo denies production delays

Nintendo has refuted rumours that the hardware production capacity of Wii has been hindered following a shortage of components.

The claims, which recently emerged across internet news channels, appeared to come from the component manufacturers themselves, and asserted that a shortage of internal hardware such as IC chips and PCBs had delayed a scheduled ramping up of console production.

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ItsDubC4127d ago

If there actually are a shortage of Wii components, I wonder what is behind Nintendo's motivation for refuting the claims? I would think that knowledge of an impending Wii shortage would drive consumers to take a more active role in finding one right now instead of waiting until the holidays to snatch one up.

used cisco4127d ago

If there is a production shortage, we didn't see it in the July NPD. Sales were dramatically up. Much higher than anyone anticipated. Japan was up this last week as well. They may not be ramping up production as much as they hoped but it's undeniable that more product is getting into consumers hands than at any time since last christmas.