10 Reasons to Avoid FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV was announced as a timed PS3 exclusive back at E3 2009, and wowed attendees with its spectacular graphics and promise of showing just how polished and enthralling a cross-platform MMO could be. Fast forward to 2010, and the final product is an absolute mess, with Square Enix going as far as to encourage media outlets to NOT review their game. Here's 10 reasons why this happened.

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MrMccormo2928d ago

Reason #1

It's Square Enix, and any gamer who trusts their quality has obviously been in a coma since 2004.

Hellsvacancy2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I duuno, im DEFO gonna give Dues Ex 3 ago, i cant wait 4-it

Edit: Its got Square Enix on the trailer, im not sayin its developed by SE but they got summin 2 do with it

MrMccormo2928d ago

Deux Ex 3 isn't developed by S-E, but FF14.

I think Eidos is developing it.

akiraburn2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

@Hellsvacancy, Deus Ex 3 was indeed done by Eidos, who was bought by Square Enix, who are now the producers of the title. Basically, they help fund the project, promote it, take a cut of the profits, and technically they get final say in some of the content (such as what DLC will be like, when the game releases, what content might be too "controversial" which has to be edited, etc). They aren't developing the game in any manor though. Technically speaking, they could screw the game over with content cuts and whatnot, but I don't think they will, and I am really hoping that they don't try and take any liberties as their publisher to try and "make the game better". DX3 is shaping up to be what DX2 should have been (gameplay-wise), and messing with that team's vision right now would most likely ruin the experience.

On-topic, I have to agree with the writer for a majority of this. I was pretty disappointed once I got my hands on the game. In addition to these reasons though, should also be the financial aspects of the game (which he touched on, but only briefly) which is straight out ridiculous, and the insane fatigue system which is perhaps one of the worst ideas conceived for this.

Tony P2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Said it when they first acquired Eidos and I'll say it again.

SE did not acquire Eidos so they could force their internal RPG devs to make crappy(er) iterations of Tomb Raider. Or to get Eidos to start making JRPGs. They each stick to what they know.

As for Deus Ex 3, SE will only develop the FMVs.

Eamon2927d ago

S-E are just the publisher of the new Deus Ex. The developer is Eidos.

DelbertGrady2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Deus Ex was the brainchild of Warren Spector and Ion Storm. Square Enix are just publishing the new game, which is developed by Eidos Montreal. It remains to be seen if Human Evolution can be as good without the involvement of Spector and Ion Storm.

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ViciousBoston2928d ago

Guys, I am playing the game. It is really good, people that write articles like this are so afraid of something harming their timesink (WoW). Its a different kinda MMO. Its very geared towards casuals but if you're hardcore you can get tons out of it. I'mn a former hardcore who is casual now and I really really reccomend this game. Square needs to fix some things yes, but the game has the same team as FFXI "Chains of Promathia" which was probably the best MMO expansion of all time story wise.

darthdevidem012927d ago

Yes if you pretend FFXII, FFXIII, DQVIII, DQIX, TWEWY, KH2, KH:BBS and many more games never released!

CimmerianDrake2927d ago

Are you calling FFXIII good?

darthdevidem012927d ago

Yeah and both are better than the game your avatar is from Eamon :P

CimmerianDrake2927d ago

I may not have been able to really get into FFIX. Beat it, but couldn't really get into it. But, it is 99123784623149012 times better than FFXII and FFXIII.

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kaveti66162928d ago

This game was gimped because of the 360. Oh, wait.

Neckbear2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

It was gimped thanks to PC, silly.


By the way, yes, this is obvious sarcasm.

SeanRL2928d ago

It was gimped because it's square enix. Simple as that.

TheGameFoxJTV2928d ago

Wonder if the guy who agreed knew it was sarcasm. lol

kaveti66162928d ago

Square Enix makes crappy games. If FF versus 13 happens to be great, it will be more because of better design decisions rather than better graphics.

SyphonFilter2928d ago

ff 13 was,even then it was sub hd and 3 disk because of the last gen 360. castlevania 2 disks for an adventure game.

Neckbear2928d ago

Did you forget alot of PS1 games were on multiple disks?

You silly guy, you. First of, the number of disks needed for said games don't affect quality at ALL.




kaveti66162928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

If the 360 and PS3 versions of FF13 were identical then I would agree with you, but since the PS3 version was much better graphically and had better sound, then I must disagree. FF13 had shitty combat. You cannot blame disc limitations on that.

There was a lot wrong with the game that was due to design choices. The 360 gimped FF13 for the 360 version, and that's about it.

SyphonFilter2928d ago

neckbear you got that butthurt at my comment? wow. als ps1 came out in the 90's it was acceptable back then. i ain't lazy to change a disk but 3 disks for this generation is pretty dumb.especially for a simple adventure game like castlevania that comes in 2 disks. it was limited,face it.

Quietpower102928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

While I was playing Final Fantasy XIII on my Xbox360, I didn't mind swapping discs. In fact, it brought a lot of nostalgia during the times when I played Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII on the Playstation 1 almost one decade ago.

Since I'm going to purcahse Castlevania soon, once again I'm going to relive the good old time. =)

CernaML2927d ago

..Nostalgia... Wow.

I've hated multiple discs since the PS1 days.

Quietpower102927d ago


You hate swapping each disc every 20-30 hours? Wow sucks to be you then.

CernaML2924d ago

Not into RPGs... which were probably the only games back then to have that much play time on one disc. The only multi disc game I owned back then was GT2. Yes, I hated swapping discs just to play a different mode.

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Kingdom Come2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Has begun it's inevitable downfall. FFXIII was a disappointment, FFXIV is a catastrophe. If Square Enix stand ANY chance of redeeming their reputation from years ago, it NEEDS to start with FFVXIII. However my honest opinion is that the series has ran it's course...
However if the series was to be finished, I would end it on a high, perhaps a successful remake of FFVII...

s0ph1atr0n2928d ago

And make Final Fantasy VII. The E3 realtime video from 2005 just how good Cloud and company could look on the PS3, and I want them to live up to that promise. Cross-platform games take way too much time and effort, and end up holding the developers back since PS3 is the most powerful console to date.

Shadow Flare2928d ago

Uh, if anything, this proves that square enix definitely should NOT remake FF7, no matter what consoles its on. Why? Because they will RUIN it. Absolutely ruin it. They havent made a good final fantasy since X. Square Enix are like a completely different company to SquareSoft. SquareSoft were legends. Square Enix are gimps. Look at the shoddy reviews XIV is getting. They shouldnt touch FF7 with a barge pole considering the state the company is in and the crap they churn out. And this is coming from someone who's favourite game is FF7

NewsForMe2928d ago

Yeah because the PC is obviously holding the PS3 back. /s

dredgewalker2927d ago

Exclusivity has nothing to do with why FF is in tatters right now. Square isn't the same Square we used to love and it's as simple as that. You can still have a great game even on multiple discs if the developer put a lot of tlc in making it.

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LarsoVanguard2927d ago

Says someone who's probably never even played FF11?

The fact that you don't like it doesn't mean that it sucks. Myself and many friends have logged countless hours in FF11, and people said the same thing about that game when it launched. Play it or don't give your opinion. In fact, don't even formulate an opinion, because without proper knowledge of the subject you're just making blind assumptions like an assclown.

SephireX2928d ago

I liked 12 personally and XIII was good but still quite disappointing. The FF series isn't doomed. It just needs a change of direction and SE need to get into shape. They will lose big money on FFXIV and hopefully that will teach them a lesson.

emekcrash2927d ago

I knew my thoery was correct. Muhaha. JRPGs are getting crushed by WRPGs.

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theafroman2928d ago

for once i dont want this FF on my ps3

a08andan2928d ago

I was in the beta, and everything bad that is written about the game is unfortunately true.

This author sums it up very well and it makes me sad that the game turned out this way. The Final Fantasy universe has an incredible potential. I don't think this is a matter of lack of resources. I think that the problem lies with the organization of the different development teams within the team. Obviously they have very capable people, but the cooperation must have been abysmal.

DJ2928d ago

I think a lot of these issues can be fixed in one swoop, but it'll take a development dictator to iron this stuff out quickly.

Karlnag32927d ago

I was in I think the 2nd wave of beta testers and believe me, square aren't too fussed about fixing stuff. They're either too stubborn or too lazy because a LOT of the problems in the final game were problems throughout the beta and the forums were constantly alive with complaints and people saying "look, SE: you really NEED to fix this." and yet here we are.